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Becker V8 Custom Motorcycle Inside Story [1937 Ford Flathead]


Builder Bill Becker pauses when on a ride along the Wisconsin River.

Chat to any hard-main motorcycle collectors, and they’ll tell you that a bike’s worth and interest go way up when it’s all unique. Fascination improves even far more when the builder is a true unique. This sort of is the situation with the hand-developed 990-pound tailor made cruiser created by Monthly bill Becker of Boscobel, Wisconsin.Becker is an affable, soft-spoken type of guy who is effective with his arms in his career, as effectively as his hobby—fixing and creating just about just about anything you treatment to name. Motorcycles are a critical space of interest—Indian bikes, in individual.

In spite of its sheer dimensions, Becker’s custom has a amazingly modern and properly-proportioned glimpse.

When I to start with fulfilled him, Becker informed me that he generally admired the primary Indian 4 bikes. He wanted one particular in the worst way, but the charge usually place them out of get to. But, the place there is a will, there’s a way, “I made the decision I’d build myself anything that would be about as excellent,” Becker points out.What he arrived up with may well be better—four cylinders much better, in point. What he constructed was a tailor made powered by a 1937 Ford 221ci flathead V8. Becker says the previous motor was rated at 87 horsepower at 3500 rpm and 122 ft-lbs of torque at 2000 rpm, supplying it stump-pulling reduced-stop power—all whilst getting about 25 mpg.

Becker V8 Custom Motorcycle: Ford Flathead V8
The 1937 Ford flathead V8 is rated at about 87 horsepower at 3500 rpm and for about 122 ft-lbs of torque at 2000 rpm.

The exhaust technique utilizes the standard manifolds feeding out a single straight pipe on every aspect, ending with a chromed shark tail. Inspite of the absence of mufflers, the sound is astonishingly mellow, subdued, and inobtrusive.Surprisingly, Becker did the style and design/develop without the need of any drawings—not even a schematic! He states he in essence started with the motor and driveline proportions and crafted out from there. That contains an completely original hand-bent double-cradle hardtail frame from a person-inch OD, ¾-inch ID DOM mild metal tubing. Certainly, it was hand-bent using a handbook tubing bender and all the power he and a different man could muster!To accommodate the consumption technique, the frame’s leading tube splits into two tubes more than the engine, which he welded to enormous flat plate gussets at each individual end. That assembly is anchored to the motor block, so the motor is a pressured member. Guiding the transmission, the body leads to a rigid rear stop. The front fork, alloy wheels, and triple-disc brakes are Honda Gold Wing transplants.

A modern twin-main radiator cools the V8, and a WWII-classic hearth extinguisher human body serves as the coolant overflow tank.

The chassis layout final results in a 78-inch wheelbase, nine-foot total length, exceptional mass centralization, lower middle of gravity, and extremely reduced 23-inch saddle peak.For the transmission, Becker tailored a hydraulically operated clutch pack and torque converter from a Chrysler A470 transmission—used on K-vehicles and minivans—to a Honda Gold Wing 1500 shaft last push.With a 2.83:1 last push ratio in superior gear, the calculated major velocity is about 115 mph. Becker states the motor turns only 1800 rpm at highway cruising pace.

Becker V8 Custom Motorcycle: Interview with the Builder
Weighing in at about 990 lbs and sporting a 78-inch wheelbase, Invoice Becker’s V8-driven custom is most at house on the open up highway with extended, sweeping turns.

Even the gas tank demanded original pondering. A Yamaha XS1100 gas tank was stretched six inches, and Becker made a big tunnel in the underside of the tank for the stock Ford intake manifold.A tailor made 90-degree adapter authorized the 2-1/16-ich S&S Super G carburetor to be mounted less than the tank, going through forward. Also under the tank are the air filter and alternator, which mounts immediately over the entrance of the engine.

Becker V8 Custom Motorcycle: 1937 Ford Flathead Motor
This check out demonstrates the customized 90° intake elbow and the S&S carburetor that feeds the V8 under the tank, which was stretched 6 inches.

Regardless of its duration and breadth, the tank holds only 3.5 gallons, providing the V8 a array of only about 87.5 miles in advance of hitchhiking starts.The ignition system is a little something of an unique, far too. A mechanical distributor is on the entrance of the engine guiding the radiator and lover, when the ignition is timed from a little belt-driven Chevy HEI device below the still left headpipe. The entrance distributor has points that can be used if there is a difficulty with the belt-pushed HEI.To a motorcyclist, the 1st considered about a V8-powered motorcycle is frequently intense efficiency in the scenario of Bill Becker’s V8 personalized, it is severe originality!


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