July 23, 2024

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The History of the Suzuki GT200

The Suzuki GT200 was part of the range of Suzuki GT models introduced in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It was also known as the Suzuki 200 X5 and was first released in 1980. This bike is considered an all round bike that is capable of both anything on and off road. The bike is relatively small and it only weighs around 131kg with the petrol tank full. This is a one of a number Suzuki GT’s that may not have received the acceptance into the motorcycle world it deserved.

The GT200 is equipped with a twin two-stroke air cooled twin engine with a total of 17 horsepower. This bike can reach a top speed of 128.0 on a good conditioned day for riding. When you first take a glance at the Suzuki GT200, you’ll see that the transmission is chain with a five speed gearbox. The displacement is fairly small coming at at just 196.00ccm.

The fuel capacity is actually quite large for 1980 on the GT200 X5 with the ability to hold 15.00 liters. This will allow for less fill ups than other models, but taking it out touring may not be the best idea, unless of course you don’t mind making a pit stop every once in a while. The brakes on the Suzuki GT200 X5 come with an expanding brake in the rear and a single disc brake in the front.

The Suzuki GT200 provides a comfortable ride from racing on a track all the way to off-roading. Whatever your favorite motorcycle past time is this bike will be sure to please. The GT200 X5 is a bike that is meant to handle almost everything you throw at it and that it will. If you never had the pleasure of riding a GT200 as of yet, giving it a ride might prove to be well worth it.

The Suzuki GT200 X5 will provide a wonderful experience for every rider alike. When you ride through your neighborhood roaring with confidence on a bike that gleams like gloss, it will be an unforgettable experience. Making the time to witness one of these bad boys first hand is the only step needed before you end up falling head over heals.

Parts and spares for the the GT200 are readily available. There is still stocks of genuine Suzuki spares around and pattern parts are manufactured for the motorbike. So if you would like to buy one of these motorcycles you would have no problem keeping it on the road.