The challenge starts off with a compact tabletop engine from Stirlingkit. The 1.6cc M16 four-stroke motor has a one-cylinder fed by a carburetor and is intended to operate on 95 RON gasoline. It’s created largely employing brass and aluminum and has a tiny battery-powered ignition system that is activated magnetically.

To see inside of the engine, Integza created a distinct edition of the cylinder on a resin 3D printer. The to start with variation has a smoky, hazy finish, but proves the notion that the plastic portion can hold up to real use. It arrives up great and clear soon after some sanding and sprucing.

With a gradual-motion camera set up, the combustion inside of the engine can conveniently be visualized. On the power stroke, the flame front can be observed to journey by the cylinder, right before becoming exhausted on the up coming stroke.

The clear cylinder also reveals some irregularities. When jogging the engine on gasoline or methanol, Integza found the engine was only firing effectively on each and every 2nd power stroke. The difficulty was even worse when functioning on a nitromethane mix, with only each individual third ability stroke firing correctly.

As with most Integza videos, it’s quite a great deal science-lite. No tuning is done to accurate the gas-air ratio for the distinctive fuels applied in testing. Each individual fuel’s “electric power” is then when compared by the RPM the engine manages to achieve, with no true torque-based measurements taken.

Nor is the mystery of the lacking energy strokes solved. Many variables are modified at the moment when investigating the difficulty, from gas to cylinder sealing, negating the opportunity of acquiring the genuine induce. Commenters speculate as to the bring about, whether it truly is an excessively prosperous mixture because of to the simplistic carburetor, weak ignition timing, or a improperly grounded sparkplug thanks to the now-plastic cylinder.

Integza’s movie is enjoyable to observe, and it is really terrific to get a true visualization of the gasoline combusting inside of a smaller 4-stroke motor. It is really a shame the minimal motor failed to run far better, but offered it’s employing a plastic cylinder entire of hot combusting gas, it is extraordinary that it ran so effectively at all.

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