June 17, 2024

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This Motorcycle Uses Water! | Hackaday


Undertaking the rounds among the motorbike lovers for the past 7 days has been a a bit unconventional machine variously portrayed as operating on h2o or sea water. This sounds like the stuff of the so-referred to as “Free energy” fringe and absolutely not the regular Hackaday fare, but it arrives alongside pics of a smiling teen and what looks enough like a actual bike to have some thing powering it. So what’s likely on? The response is that it’s the scholar project of an Argentinian teenager [Santiago Herrera], and though it’s stretching it a little bit to say it operates on sea water he’s definitely created a common motorcycle run on the oxygen-hydrogen mix produced from the electrolysis of drinking water. The TikTok films are in Spanish, but even for non-speakers it ought to be rather crystal clear what is heading on.

It is evident that the bike is additional of a university student demonstrator than a road equipment, as we’re not so absolutely sure a glass jar is the safest of receptacles. But the fascinating part for us lies not in the electrolysis but in the engine. it seems to be a pretty standard seeking motorcycle engine, a common little horizontal single. It’s running on a stoichiometric blend of oxygen and hydrogen, anything that packs a good deal of punch around a equivalent blend using air somewhat than oxygen. It would be fascinating to know the impact of this combination on an engine intended for standard gasoline, for example does it attain entire combustion, does it melt away hotter than ordinary gas, and does it place far more worry on the engine pieces?

You can see one thing of the bike in the video underneath the crack, and there are a couple far more movies in his TikTok account. In the meantime this isn’t the very first teenage motorcycle undertaking we have featured.


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