July 20, 2024

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The History of the Suzuki GT380

The Suzuki GT380 made its debut in 1972 with an advanced air-cooled two-stroke triples engine. This bike was for those who liked to ride for the sport, as it was a sports bike. When it comes to touring this motorcycle is divine as it allows a smooth and comfortable ride down a countryside road. Gaining higher speeds means you will wobble a little but if you are an experienced biker you won’t notice anything out of the usual. Riding in a Suzuki GT380 will show some limitations with its abilities, yet that is no reason to pass this one of a kind motorcycle up.

When the Suzuki GT380 made it to the biking scene the engine wasn’t highly tuned hen compared to similar bikes. Though the power of the bike makes itself present through the carburetor size, compression and even the porting. This provided extra reliability instead of speed. One major opposition to the specifications is that the three to four exhaust system makes leaning towards tight angles quite difficult. The Suzuki GT380 is a sports bike but could make more use for touring. Making this your destination bike wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

The Suzuki GT models provided the first motorcycle to incorporate the air-cooled engine. This helped force cool air through the cylinders and behind the block which was earlier tested on Suzuki’s TR500 racers. The air cooled engine actually is simply an air scoop with ducts. Riding for long periods of time was no problem after the GT introduced this system. Many other competing models suffered due to this innovation that the Suzuki GT380 represented. In a matter of no time the GT380 was a hit and received all the publicity it deserved. Suzuki took it as a good thing and presented seven other GT380 models.

Another wonderful aspect that Suzuki incorporated into their GT380 was the mixing fuel system. This allowed for less exhaust fumes and smoke from the bike which operated like a vacuum force. This was also first used on the GT’s and made the GT380 somewhat of a spectacle since many others just couldn’t compete. Every year after production Suzuki presented a new, redefined model for the masses.

There is a total of eight Suzuki GT380’s which have their own statistical value. Many of the values of this bike remained unchanged except for a few minor body adjustments. The biggest change was to a 1974 GT known as a GT380 L which was first released in 1974. This model provided different carburetters, a new cooling fan and even a filter box. The Suzuki GT380 was all that it could be and it gave ten percent more as well. The Suzuki stopped producing these models in 1978. What were the models introduced to the Suzuki GT380 series?

GT380 J- 1972
GT380 K- 1973
GT380 L- 1974
GT380 M- 1975
GT380 A- 1976
GT380 B- 1977
and the GT380 C- 1978