July 21, 2024

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TERN Bikes launches the NBD low-step e-bike that’s big in features, small in size!


Today the urban mobility specialist, Tern Bicycles, released their new NBD. The NBD has an ultra-low step-through frame that offers a lower center of gravity that was designed to bring that New Bike Day joy to a wider range of bike riders. Tern has been releasing some great bikes as of late–back at the beginning of the month, I had just covered their latest cargo bike, the Short Haul. Check it out.

The NBD also has an adjustable cockpit that Tern says only takes seconds to resize, allowing riders from 4’10” to 6’3″ tall to share the same bike…good for the whole family!

Tern NBD

Photos c. Tern Bicycles

Tern NBD  

Josh Hon, Tern’s Team Captain says Our mission is to get people to replace car trips with bike trips. He continues, “In order to do that, we need to make biking more accessible, comfortable, and safe for everybody. The NBD does that and our entire team is proud to have created something that will bring the joy and practicality of cycling to a wider range of people. To the average rider, the NBD will be an amazingly easy-to-handle, easy-to-ride bike that fits wonderfully into crowded urban settings.”

Tern Bikes NBD

NBD Features

The rear Gaia rack means the NBD can be stood upright making it easier to store in elevators and small apartments. Plus, the super sturdy rear rack can carry up to 27kg (59lbs) and works with most child seats.

RideEasy Suspension seatpost: This custom short-stack suspension seatpost lets shorter riders enjoy a nice comfy ride. A comfortable rider is a frequent rider.

Tern NBD

Ultra-low & long step-through: Lower and longer step-through frame make it easier and safer to dismount.

Tern Bikes NBD

Bosch Motor: Smooth, natural feeling e-assist with up to 65Nm of torque and 300% support.

Tern Bikes NBD

Tern Bikes NBD

Physis Handlepost: 3-D forged for a stiff, solid ride. Allows the bike to fold flat for easy storage

Tern Bikes NBD

Andros Stem: Tool-free, adjustable stem accommodates different riding positions

Tern Bikes NBD

Combo Mount: Robust fame mount with multiple front cargo options, Carries up to 22kg (44lbs).

The NBD frame and fork have been rigorously tested by EFBE, one of Europe’s leading bike test labs. The Bosch motor/battery system is also one of the few systems on the market today which meets and passes the UL standard for battery and electronics safety.

Pricing & Availability

Tern Bikes NBD



Tern Bikes NBD


The NBD platform includes two models, the NBD S5i and the S8i. Pricing starts at €3999 for the S5i. Tern says Bikes will start arriving in bike shops in Q1/2023.

The NBD also comes with a 10-year warranty.



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