July 20, 2024

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Volkswagen ID. AERO production concept revealed



From the official Press Release:

Its progressive, stylish and aerodynamic design also allows for generous interior space. The production version for China is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2023. Volkswagen is also planning to start production of a European series version in Emden in 2023.

Volkswagen ID. AERO Design

The concept vehicle is almost five meters (more than 16 feet) long and was designed based on aerodynamic principles. The roof slopes elegantly to the rear like a coupe’s and contributes to achieving an excellent drag coefficient of 0.23.

Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) additionally permits short overhangs, a long wheelbase and an exceptionally spacious vehicle interior.

Volkswagen ID. AERO Design

The ID. AERO is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery with a net energy content of 77 kWh. Thanks to the interaction of the efficient drive system and the excellent aerodynamic properties, the ID. AERO achieves WLTP ranges of up to 620 kilometers (385 miles) 2, making it suitable for long distances.

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The ID. AERO transfers the design language of Volkswagen’s electric vehicles to a premium mid-size sedan for the first time. The aerodynamically designed front end and roof ensure that air flows optimally over the vehicle. The air flow is calmed by the slightly drawn-in rear end designed to separate the airflow. The sporty 22-inch two-tone wheels are integrated flush into the wheel housings. Classic door handles are replaced by illuminated touch surfaces, which reduce the drag even further. At the top of the side profile, the bold tornado line and downward sloping roof line are highlights. The powerful shoulder section of the ID. AERO is located above the tornado line. These lines make the electric sedan appear lower and give it a dynamic look.

Volkswagen ID. AERO Design

The ID. AERO concept vehicle has a Polar Light Blue Metallic paintwork—a light metallic color with pigments that create a golden shimmer in appropriate light conditions. The roof is painted in a high-gloss black to contrast with the vehicle body.

Volkswagen ID. AERO Design

The front end is characterized by the honeycomb motifs typical for Volkswagen’s electric vehicle family. The front is horizontally split into two at the bumper and is a defining design element for the ID. AERO design. Another distinctive feature that makes the ID. AERO stand out from the crowd is a narrow light strip extending horizontally across the front that wraps into the fenders and side panels. This light strip is continued visually to the rear end with a few interruptions. The dominant rear end features a striking dark light strip and LED taillight clusters with a honeycomb structure.

Volkswagen ID. AERO Design

The ID. AERO demonstrates the flexibility of Volkswagen’s purely electric MEB architecture, which can be adapted for vehicles of different shapes and sizes. The MEB can be used across segments—from compact crossover or SUV and minibus through to spacious sedan. The MEB also fully exploits the possibilities of electric mobility, allowing long ranges, a maximum of digital connectivity and over-the-air update capability.


With the close-to-production ID. AERO concept car, Volkswagen is stepping up its electric offensive in China as part of the ACCELERATE strategy. The production version of the ID. AERO will be the fourth fully-electric model series in China, with expected availability in the second half of 2023. Two versions are planned there—one for each Volkswagen joint venture. Based on its regional strategy, Volkswagen is aiming to become the leading supplier of sustainable vehicles in China. As early as 2030, it is planned that at least every second vehicle sold in China will be an electric vehicle.

Volkswagen is driving forward its electric offensive worldwide on the Way to ZERO. As the new flagship model of the electric vehicle family, the ID. AERO will therefore be offered globally in future—in Europe and North America in addition to China.

(Source: Volkswagen)


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