July 20, 2024

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What are the new laws for electric scooter and bicycle riders in UAE?


Fines and penalties:
The ITC has released the next penalties that can be imposed on bicycle and electrical scooter riders.

Dh200 high-quality for each of these violations:
Using on the most important highway.
Failure to observe the route of the road, or instructions on traffic indicators.
Failure to wear a protecting helmet.
Failure to don a jacket or reflective apparel while riding in darkish places.
Parking the bicycle or electrical scooter in a non-selected place in a fashion that hinders the motion of motor vehicles or pedestrians.
Leaving bicycles and electrical scooters secured to street lights or signal posts.
Failing to give way to pedestrians at intersections and sidewalks.
Failing to sluggish down at pedestrian crossings or riding throughout a pedestrian crossing with out dismounting from the bicycle or electrical scooter.
Failing to ride in a way that is safe under the current climate circumstances.
Keeping on to a different relocating car or truck when driving.
Driving bicycles and electric powered scooters on operating and walking tracks in places where by there are dedicated bicycle lanes.
Using a pillion journey, except if the bicycle is equipped with machines and safety equipment.
Carrying a heavy body weight that hinders the harmony of the automobile.
Using a siren that disturbs other highway end users.
Failing to set up a white headlight, a purple night time gentle or reflector, a purple rear gentle related to the brakes, or a bicycle horn linked to the handlebars.

Dh500 fine for every single of these violations:
Driving on unauthorised streets and places, together with on a primary street utilised by automobiles, or a strolling and functioning keep track of.
Using on the tricky shoulder alongside highways or roadways the place the velocity restrict is more than 40 kilometres for each hour.


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