July 23, 2024

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Water Fuel Vehicle – Save Cost by Converting Your Car to Use Water Fuel

Is the idea of water fuel vehicle real? There are a lot of reports online about cars running on water. Some were giving testimonials on how they saved fuel cost as much as 35 percent. Are all those news report real or just a scam? With the current high gasoline prices, many people will jump on any idea that can help them to cut cost. This article will shed some light on the science behind water fuel vehicles.

A water fuel vehicle do not use water as fuel. What it does is to use one of the component of water to generate power. That component is hydrogen gas (H2). We know that water consist of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen thus the term H2O. By using the process of electrolysis, H2 is generated and delivered into the engine air intake system. From there, the hydrogen gas will be discharged into the combustion chambers and mixed with conventional gasoline.

The gas mixture is more potent and can burn at a faster rate. When a car is running on water fuel, the engine will work smoother, yield more power and have less emission. A water fuel vehicle can achieve a better mileage compared to a car running on normal fossil fuel.

To convert a car to use water fuel is a simple process. Most step by step guides are available online. What you will need are some hand tools and the patience to complete the project. The parts and components required are easily obtained from a hardware store. All you will need is to invest about $150 for the whole modification process. With the current high fuel prices, any concept that can help to reduce a car fuel consumption will be good.