July 21, 2024

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Top 7 Good Road Side Manners

There are more cars on the road now than ever before. Previously not everyone was able to afford a car but nowadays there are a variety of options available suitable for every pocket. With public transport not being the ideal means of transport anymore, more people are driving themselves to work. The sheer amount of cars on the road is what causes congestion so it is good practice for everyone to adopt healthy road side manners.

We all have to share the roads we drive on so we have to be courteous with one another. Here are seven good road side manners to adopt.

  1. If you are in bumper to bumper traffic and there is a car in the left lane that needs to get into the right lane you’re in, allow them a gap ahead of you. Perhaps they need to be in that lane in order to turn right at the intersection ahead.
  2. When another driver gives you a gap ahead of them, do the courteous thing and say thank you by flashing your hazard lights a couple of times. The flashing of hazard lights for a couple of times is a general thank you gesture on the roads.
  3. Don’t tailgate another driver. Keep your driving distance and give the driver ahead of you a comfortable space. You should be able to see the car’s rear wheels. If you can’t see the rear wheels then you are too close.
  4. Keep left and pass right. If there is more than one lane, then stick to the left lane. If you need to pass, then pass to the right lane and back to the left lane again. This allows all drivers to drive along at their own pace within the speed limit.
  5. Allow pedestrians to cross at intersections, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are road users too. Bring your car to a stop and give them time to cross the road.
  6. Keep an eye out for motorcycles and cyclists. If you check your mirrors and blind spots at the pertinent moments then you will notice the cyclists. If they are coming closer to you ensure that you allow them sufficient space to pass by. A one meter distance from them is usually acceptable.
  7. Don’t brake too much. Some drivers drive with their foot on the brakes all the time and will apply the brakes all the time for no good reason. This confuses drivers behind you. They’re not sure if you’re slowing down to stop or just to slow down. In addition such behaviour can damage your brakes and you’ll have to go for brake repairs more often.