June 17, 2024

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The History of the Suzuki GT250 Including the X7

The Suzuki GT250 launched in Japan in the year 1971, was basically a successor to and an upgraded version of the Suzuki T250. However, the difference between the two bikes was limited only to their respective names. The “G” was added to the T250 model to represent a more modernized version of the older motorcycle.

The additional component in the newer model was a disc brake at the front of the bike and a new Ram Air cylinder head. A closer look at the models in the market before the launch of Suzuki 250 models (T250 and GT250) makes it possible to assess that the T20 Super Six was quite similar to both the T250 and GT250. However, the GT250’s launch was a larger success in the markets as the bike had all the ingredients for a very competitive machine.

In fact, the GT250 was as large as 400 models in size, and as good in performance. Due to such qualities, the GT250 became the best selling motorcycle till the mid seventies in many countries including the likes of Great Britain.

Unfortunately, however, the success soon came to a halt as new environment rules sprang up in the seventies which made Suzuki engineers drive towards four-stroke engines as opposed to two-stroke ones. These environment and noise regulations meant that Suzuki now had to focus on redesigning the exhausts. As a result, the Suzuki GT250 got outclassed by its contemporaries in the late 1970s. It may also be said that despite the similarity in looks, the Suzuki GT250’s engine was a little less powerful than that of T250. Apart from this slight difference, the T250 had a lack of a grab rail as opposed to its successor. In 1972, Suzuki released the second model of GT250 (GT-250 II) which had a disc brake at the front in addition to a new paint job.

This model remains a rarity to date as it was never presented to the Western World. The Suzuki GT250 inc X7 is a rare gem that made its way on to showroom floors in 1979. The name was changed throughout different areas of the world such as the RG250 in Japan or the X7E in Germany. This new model of GT250 helped to cut the weight of the bike by 20kg. This bike is super light weight and it can provide a fantastic experience for any biker who wants to try a different style of bike. The Suzuki GT250 inc X7 is a classic bike that shows spunk when it comes to its specifications. The engine installed is a twin two-stroke that can reach high speeds of up to 149.0 km/h. The fuel control is quite different from many other motorcycle fuel control and is known as a membrane which helps the bike dissolve petrol at a much slower rate than traditional methods.

The gearbox was ahead of its time with a six speed and the transmission. Another advantage that riders get when choosing the GT250 X7 is the 27 horsepower the bike represents. This is a huge push when it comes to marketing strategy since similar models at the time were only running an average of 20 horsepower. The displacement will stick at 247ccm when it comes to the awesome power of the Suzuki GT250 inc X7.