June 17, 2024

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The History of the Suzuki AN 125 Motorcycle

The Suzuki AN 125 is often confused with the Suzuki Burgman series of super-scooters. However, the AN 125 is actually an older model, first manufactured in 1995. Production continued until 1999, with no major variants or special models. Currently, there is a similar Burgman model in production called the Suzuki UH125, which is also given the AN 125 designation.

The 90s production Suzuki AN 125 was powered by an air-cooled 124cc four-stroke engine. A simple, straightforward single cylinder design, it gave this scooter a pretty good 10 hp at 8000 rpm. This gave rise to some interesting numbers, such as a reported 0-60 mph time of under 16 seconds! With a kerb weight of 100 kgs, the AN 125 felt like a much bigger ride than similar 100cc mopeds and scooters. However, the 10 inch wheels kept bikers firmly grounded in reality. Braking was quite positive and a move up from earlier Suzuki scooters.

In real driving conditions, the Suzuki engine proved to be a winner, consistently drinking a lot less petrol than its competitors. The automatic transmission simplified control of the vehicle with just one throttle and two brakes required. This allowed younger riders or later learners a great chance to pick up basic rising skills. However, in the design department the AN 125 was definitely part of the pack. It looked like most of the scooter designs from that time; with European styling and bare frills. Storage was limited to a small dashboard in front and a helmet-sized storage area under the seat.

Riders of the Suzuki AN 125 did get a decent instrument panel, with all the key displays and warning LEDs clearly visible. The speedometer was graded up to 110 kmph, though most owners never experienced speeds over 80 mph. Even today, you may never see an AN 125 cruising down the motorway, but you’re sure to spot one around town or at the market.

Suzuki AN 125 (1995 – 99) scooters are still available in the second-hand bike markets in the UK. A reasonably zippy scooter, the AN 125 still has plenty of performance for basic run-around duties. You can pick one up for a fraction of the price of a 2011 125cc scooter with similar power. If a part restoration is required, a trusted parts dealer can find genuine Suzuki spares. With a few extra pounds, you get a fun, easy to ride and very economical ride!