July 23, 2024

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The Best Nutritional Snacks For ATV Trail Riding

You know the old saying, garbage in, garbage out? Well it takes on a whole new meaning when talking about riding and snacking. When you decide to hit the trail and go for a good long ride with your buddies, it’s important to bring along some good snacks. Let’s take a look at some of the best nutritional snacks for ATV trail riding.

You might wonder what the big deal is. After all, you’re not racing or doing any heavy duty riding. But sticking with the good stuff will result in more energy and less chance of hunger pangs or worse, a stomach ache. Some food just does not sit well in a stomach that is being jostled around.

Probably most importantly is to ditch the juice, soda and beer and replace it with plain old water. And unless you are really exerting a lot of energy with your ride you probably don’t need any energy drinks either. Basically you just need to stay hydrated and water does this best.

One of the best snacks to go along with the water is plain old fruit. Bananas are a good choice because they are packed with potassium which is good for the body. Apples and oranges are two other excellent fruits and may be easier to cart along without getting squashed. Eating any fruit is a lot better for you than just drinking juice because it will help to fill you up while helping to keep you hydrated.

Grab a baggy full of trail mix while you are at it. Making your own is a good option to avoid the higher sodium and sugar content of much of the prepackaged stuff. Toss in a cup of some high fiber cereal, along with a half a cup each of nuts and unsweetened dried fruit like raisins or apricots. You can even add a sprinkling of chocolate chips to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are going to be riding your ATV all day you can eat an energy bar in place of a regular lunch. They travel well and are packed with fiber to keep hunger at bay. Try to find a bar with a high proportion of protein. Avoid any that have a high sugar or high carb content. You want an energy bar, not a chocolate bar.

There is really no substitute for good nutritional snacks when trail riding on your ATV. You wouldn’t gas up your ATV with leftover lawnmower gas would you?