Saturday AM

Significant elation this morning as we headed into the Goodwood Members’ Assembly, first and most personal of the great Sussex estate’s 3 large vehicle events this 12 months.

Not only experienced the organisers lucked into a perfect crisp, sunny working day but our transportation was exceptional, too: WO Bentley’s individual 1930 Mulliner-bodied 8 Litre ‘company car’. In 10 miles was an knowledge that explained considerably about the path of motoring progress.

On one particular hand, the large in-line 6 belched and blew back again like a draught horse until finally heat and you required a blacksmith’s forearms to transform the steering wheel. It was not achievable to impact a easy gearchange (even if you are handy with crash gearboxes I’m not) right until the oil was effectively and genuinely heat.

On the other hand, the 8 Litre’s level of luxury and model simply equalled that of prime autos nowadays, and the visibility was a large amount much better. Most striking of all was the (warmed) engine’s incredible mechanical refinement and its mighty torque from 1000rpm. In some ways, vintage autos are not previous at all.

Saturday PM

Pleased afternoon viewing a combination of exercise sessions and racing, specifically experiencing the outcome this one of a kind circuit’s very long, rapidly corners have on vehicles – significantly Gerry Marshall Trophy saloons – that by today’s specifications have too much pounds, higher centres of gravity and not more than enough rubber on the street. From where by I was, the lurid slides and generous drift angles appeared downright graceful. (I’m confident they felt instead far more violent in the cars.)

The entire experience often can make you ponder how contemporary, non-classic, non-vintage racing can ever match this spectacle, exactly where the car-regulate problems are pretty much as apparent to a watcher 100 yards away as they are to the driver. If persons want Goodwood crowds at contemporary racetracks, definitely that’s an avenue really worth exploring…


Fifty percent my income seems to go on club publications, so I’m nicely utilized to pitching hardly flicked-by club organs into the recycling bin. What a enjoyment, for that reason, to invest an absorbing fifty percent hour with the most recent on the internet copy of Motorsport UK’s magazine, Revolution, each a person of whose coverlines caught my desire. How to get a racing car is a perennial tale, but you however browse it when it’s carried out well. Which it was. Have not completed much with my level of competition licence so much this yr, but this surely boosts my want to make some options.

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