Ride share and private rental car services are two main choices for travelers while travelling away from home. Like everything else both of them have pros and cons and they both offer advantage of comfort and privacy over public transit system but without any doubt one has advantage over the other and it is the best choice. We have gathered some pros and cons for your reading so that you can choose one by yourself and it will surely assist you in choosing the best one.

Ride Share Pros


The cars and drivers are plentiful when it comes to ride sharing services, all you want to do is to access them using an application in your mobile. It has no limitations of day or time of the day and in many cities a ride share driver will be easily accessable and usually will be in the vicinity. There is no planning or booking involved in ride sharing applications, as the driver can pick the customer in few moments notice.


When you are in traveling then utilizing a ride sharing company can be most economical then renting any vehicle. You don’t have to pay any parking fee and will have to only pay for the transportation when you need one. Ride sharing companies will also help you saving lots of time by streamlining your travel arrangements and eliminate the time spent to get a car for rent while standing in line. You will not have to worry about getting a car or for the return just login to your phone app and call a car for your travel needs.

Ride Sharing Cons

No Regulations or Checks

The biggest con of a ride sharing service is that they are mostly unlicensed and unregulated and because of this there are no industry standards or rules. Anyone with a license can drive the car using mobile application. There are no refresher courses or training for the drivers which makes it really unsafe sometime because of unskilled drivers.

Riding with Strangers

One of the biggest problem with ride sharing services is that you have to travel with strangers, anyone with a license and company app can drive their own car. This makes the services really insecure and you have to be very careful while commuting especially at late hours. Also make sure that the person is same  who was pictured in the application and the vehicle number and model matches to your application information. There are many security tips which you can follow to save yourself from any problem.

Private Drivers Pros


The private limo provider is convenient and you don’t have to worry about calling the ride share company as your chauffeur will pick you on time and will also make sure that you arrive at your destination in time. Having a chauffeured service like Mississauga Limousine rentals gives you the peace of mind and saves lots of hustle and time.


Limousine service providers have the most luxurious cars which are meant for your special occasions and also for the business and personal use. No matter what your occasion is you have all the choices from one person to a party bus you can travel with style and comfort.


The drivers are trained and permanent employees of company so you can ask for your specific driver or even can complain in case of any problem which you faced. The chauffeurs are trained and have the refresher courses on how to provide best services. The customer safety is top priority of the company so you can travel easily without being worried about the time or destinations.