July 23, 2024

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Repairing an ABS Motorcycle Saddlebag

Understanding how to repair a motorcycle saddlebag can be a great asset for any motorcyclist. The following will take you through some useful information on how you can repair your motorcycle saddlebag.

It can be difficult doing a motorcycle saddlebag repair on your own, but once you understand how to do it you will want to do all your repairs on your own instead of purchasing a brand new saddlebag every time it gets a hole or crack.

Repairing Motorcycle ABS Saddlebags:

You’ve probably heard of ABS plastic pipe glue or seen it in your local hardware store. This can be some of the most useful glue as it is a thick plastic like material that doesn’t require any heating to get it to dry.

When repairing cracks this pipe glue seems to be able to withstand just about anything. For an even better seal place a tape on the inner side of the crack so that you can force the glue into the crack.

With the saddlebags being made of out ABS plastic it may seem difficult to get a permanent bond as this type of plastic has a substance in it that makes it a bit slippery. You can also purchase a dowel of ABS plastic. Make shavings of the dowel like you would do with cheese and mixing things up with a methyline chloride substances, such as Weld on 3. By doing this you will see the ABS begin to dissolve thickening up the mixture. If you feel that the mixture is not thick enough simply add in more ABS shavings. Be patient though it can take approximately five to ten minutes for the shavings to dissolve fully.

Avoid touching this substance with your bare skin, so find a chopstick or any stick that you can use to mix up all the contents. Now for the area that you are repairing use 220 grit sand paper and make it a bit rough. This will allow the ABS mixture to stick to the surface instead of just sliding off.

Most do the repair from the inner side of the bag and have a paper on the other side that will prevent leaks. It will take some time for the repair to cure, but once it does do any necessary touch ups on edges with a sandpaper that is fine.

If you want a repair that will actually fuse to the old material then this is going to really help you out. By using the same material to repair the cracked area you can minimize the chance of anyone noticing the crack, since it will be gone.

One final note when you decide to do an ABS saddlebag repair, make sure you do this in a well ventilated area as the chemicals in the substances can be harmful to breathe in. Taking the time to do an ABS motorcycle saddlebag repair can take a bit of time, but if its something you feel confident in doing, then do it. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and isn’t hard to clean up, just take your time and you’ll get the job done right the first time.