December 6, 2022

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Niu MQi GT Evo electric scooter review


Sell it to me in a sentence…

The Niu MQi GT Evo is a 125cc equivalent electric scooter, able of around 60mph, with a in the vicinity of 60 mile vary if you try out and batteries you can charge indoors.

Alright, explain to me extra

There are a ton of 50cc equivalent electric powered scooters all-around, but electric powered scooters get thinner on the ground if you want far more overall performance and a lot more range. The NIU MQi GT Evo is Chinese enterprise Niu’s initial scooter that can do more than 45mph. They say it’s going to do 60mph for sure and, with a prevailing wind and not too massive a rider on board, we observed it would even hit 70mph.

It is run by a 5kW motor (just under 7bhp, old-faculty energy output lovers) mounted in the rear wheel hub. 

There are a few trip modes – ‘E-Save’, which boundaries speeds to 30mph, ‘Dynamic’, which will give you 45mph and ‘Sport’, which unleashes the complete good deal. Just about every 1 has a various acceleration map, also.

Normally it’s twist and go just like a petrol scooter. Or perhaps even easier than a petrol scooter – you can download an app and adjust options to make the Evo absolutely keyless-go, or adjust the sensitivity of the (conventional) alarm, and even track the bicycle, which has its possess in-developed SIM. Helpful from a protection viewpoint.

So way too is the point that the two battery packs, which sit beneath the seats (meaning no house to retail store a helmet there) can be removed if you want to cost them away from the bike. They pounds 11kg each and every.

The bike can be ridden on just a single battery, which is a thing seemingly common with shipping and delivery corporations. (Foods supply riders may well be driving all night extensive but will normally protect much less than 40 miles for every change.) The Evo is restricted to a greatest ‘Dynamic’ manner in just one-battery form. And definitely the range is shorter.

Just about every battery is 1.87kWh so with the two on board you get 3.74kWh of stored power, which can be billed from -100% in about 5 hrs. With each batteries in, the believed range is close to 46 miles but that depends on use. We saw 57 miles with very a large amount of better-pace operate so you may perhaps even get a lot more in a strictly city surroundings in nice temperature. And folks who ride extra than that distance in one particular strike you should not are inclined to acquire scooters in any case.

The Niu Evo is unafraid to be priced alongside petrol-driven rivals, or costs a lot more than them, at £4099 (you will find no finding away from the truth batteries are pricey), but is competitively priced for an electric powered scooter of this kind.

But managing costs really should be minimal. The Evo should not get as a lot searching just after as a little something with an motor (the only fluid is brake fluid) so you will find just an yearly look at.


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