June 23, 2024

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New Ferrari 488 Owner In UK Crashes Car After Just 2 Miles


The 1st of April is the time for gags and jokes, but UK’s policing unit in Derby isn’t really kidding with a information it shared not long ago.

A Ferrari 488 has crashed after leaving the dealership on April 1. In accordance to Derbyshire Roadways Policing Unit’s Twitter account, the driver of the supercar acquired the 488 in the morning. Following just 2 miles (3.2 kilometers), the Ferrari crashed.

There had been no injuries claimed amid the parties included. As you can see in the social media submit, the 488 is viewed with a mangled front conclude.


We are not entirely absolutely sure what took place listed here since the Ferrari 488 is isolated in the photographs. But on the lookout carefully at the automobile, it appears to be as if only the upper element of the nose was ruined, which includes the hood and parts surrounding the headlights. It’s as if the 488 went beneath anything, like probably a truck or an SUV.

Great issue no person wasn’t harm with this accident, apart from perhaps for the emotions of the new Ferrari proprietor. The 488 costs all-around £150,000 to £300,000 (~$196,724 to $393,450), based on the mileage, so this wasn’t accurately a affordable invest in. We’re hoping that the owner’s coverage handles this and that it was already taken treatment of in advance of the owner drove off the dealership.

This is just not the initial time we have found a supercar crashing after just leaving a dealership, like this rented Ferrari 458 in China. It truly is a typical event, in particular if the driver failed to have any prior working experience with a supercar.

That claimed, allow this crash be reminder that supercars are named “tremendous” for a purpose. They have a lot of electrical power that not every person can manage, that’s why everyone – whether or not you are a novice or a seasoned driver – should really regard the machine. Regardless of whether it can be a prancing horse or a raging bull, or any significant-driven motor vehicle, a tiny caution ought to go a long way.


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