July 25, 2024

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Motorcycle Airbrushing – Tips For Airbrushing Motorcycles

This beginners guide is for anyone considering learning about airbrushing motorcycles. No need to worry if they are an artist or not.

An airbrush can be mastered with practice just like most tools. And drawing skills can be substituted with the use of projectors and templates. Therefore anyone considering this field should not fret about whether they have artistic skills, or if they have never used an airbrush before.

There are many materials available to practice this art form on, prior to painting directly on somebody’s chopper. Items such as illustration board, tote bags and even wood provide exciting new challenges. Learning to paint on different surfaces teaches one how the various surfaces react to paint and to masking materials.

When the time comes that an aspiring airbrush artist feels ready to paint on vehicles, there are many lesser vehicles that can be practiced on such as rowboats, trailers or even lawn mowers. People love their items to be customized and may really enjoy free airbrushed graphics on them. This also begins an aspiring airbrush artists branding of work, by giving exposure to the public for possible paid work.

Creating a Work Space

Preparation of working space should be addressed first. Good lighting and wide open space are imperative. Make sure there are no items that will get in the way when moving around with brush and cords. Noise considerations need to be addressed as well because compressors can be loud and disturbing to others.

Climate control is important for storing paints and finishes. Temperatures should not get to extremes in regards to heat or cold. Make sure that tools and materials are stored away from excessive dirt and dust. A cleanup area with access to running water should accessible and electricity needs to be available as well.

Initial Supplies and Tools

By purchasing just the basics to begin with, a person can have everything they need to get started helping to them keep within their budget. Higher end items are always available, and when a person or their budget is ready, they can be purchased to help streamline work and increase style ability.

Before making any purchases, it would be helpful to research products on the internet to learn their precise uses such as types of paint. Initial items to purchase are paint, an airbrush, materials for masking and a compressor.

An artist also needs to do practice sketches and plan designs. So several large pads of sketch paper and paper made specifically for airbrushing are important to keep on hand too.

Work that is going to be kept outdoors on vehicles needs to be protected from the elements and damages from driving such as stones etc. So eventually a bike artist needs to purchase exterior overcoat finishes and a spray gun to apply them.