June 13, 2024

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Meet The Eighterham: Will Adding Extra Wheels Make A Caterham Seven Faster?


The notion of simply just adding much more wheels to a car to make go faster is one that’s so basic, it would seem silly. But pretty really serious engineers, like all those at the Tyrrell F1 crew in the ’70s, have place severe believed into producing it get the job done.

The workforce at the Driven Media YouTube channel has revealed the newest in its collection of around-the-leading tire assessments to decide if simply incorporating four wheels to a Caterham 7 will make it more rapidly. Dubbed the Eighterham, it capabilities duallies at all 4 corners.

To make it, the staff simply bought some steelies, welded them with each other, and mounted them to raise the amount of money of rubber on the road. They assert they are 350 segment width tires thanks to this modification, which compares favorably to a set of correctly-sized Michelin Pilot Activity tires, which would have a 250 portion width.

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The 6-wheeled Tyrrell P34

Although the wheels are undeniably broader, they’re also really a bit heavier. Regardless of the reality that they never really weigh the wheels, the group suggests that the included mass is substantial.

So can a considerable maximize of rubber on the road counteract a major enhance in unsprung body weight? Perfectly, on observe, the respond to is sure. With a set of typical Avon tires on the auto, it completes a lap of their test keep track of in 31.6 seconds. With the new double-width wheels, nevertheless, they take care of to established a lap time of 31.1 seconds, chopping 50 % a next off their time, which is a fairly remarkable feat on a monitor that quick.

Off the keep track of, however, the car or truck is a little bit of a nightmare. Although a Caterham is by no signifies a big car, the Eighterham struggles to flip as sharply as it once did. It even has a hard time fitting into parking places since of its prodigious width.

Contrary to the F1 tires that this crew previously analyzed, nevertheless, the duallies actually can be used on the road and really do not call for tire blankets to be beneficial on the keep track of. They also price considerably considerably less, so which would you acquire?


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