June 13, 2024

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Kymco DT X360: Small motorcycle with consistent presence


Kymco from Taiwan brings collectively a Scooter DT X360 cross job with 350 and 125 ccm transmissions.
© Rita Niehues / SP-X

Kymco launches two new scooters at after: DT X360. Accessible for migrants 350 ccm and 125 ccm.

Taiwanese motorcycle suppliers Kymco defended itself in Germany past year: in lightweight operate motorcycles transferred up to 125 cubic centimeters, they dropped fourth area in the manufacturer’s rankings because registration quantities dropped by virtually 20 p.c to almost 2,000 %.

So it can only assistance to deliver an further offer you with the new DT X360, which is accessible as a 350-centimeter-powered electrical scooter as nicely as a 125: Kymco mounted motorcycle on electric tires, with a short profile. . With its angular style, off-road sports, it should really exhibit the unquestionable ability of experience. Technically, it relies upon on the New Downtown design.

Eleven 125cc scooters for sale

Of the less than eleven of the 125 that Kymco offers for the calendar year 2022, the DT X360 125i Stomach muscles – entire model title – is the greatest in the price tag list: at 5,500 euros, it is additional costly than two of its 50 % 300- brother. The crossover bike is also at the forefront when it will come to weightless: 179 kg is ample for 125. To help save our dignity, nonetheless, it have to be explained that the DT X360 is uncomplicated to work and uncomplicated to handle through procedure and parking.

The Kyymco DTX360 has an LED exhibit. Photo: fbn / SP-X

All round, the DT X360 125 is a satisfying companion when it will come to functional routine maintenance: The unlocking mechanism is easy, the liquid-cooled-single-cylinder engine operates easily, does not vibrate significantly and is also inexpensive. . The dialect does its work nicely and accelerates the Taiwanese scandal fast enough. At higher speeds, the electronic velocity scooter specified by the producer to be 93 km / h displays optimism of 103 km for every hour. Having said that, precise investigation confirmed that the odometer was in entrance of the curve by about ten per cent, which also had an effect on the motion gauge. And to be exact, you should also keep the fuel intake in standpoint for 1/10.

The compressed reduced element of the port is bundled

However, the DT X360 has at least plenty of velocity to maintain its posture in standard city and inter-city targeted visitors, and it is not often passed out of town. Thanks to its general adjustment of the taut chassis, a big scooter rotates all-around the corner without shaking and with a good deal of place for trustworthiness. The brakes – the fashionable wave disks rotate front and again – slows down easily, Ab muscles controls speedily and keeps the DT X360 straight. In substantial town targeted traffic, Kymco is not shocking when it will come to velocity since it is reasonably very long and its handles are negligible.

On unpaved surfaces, the DT X360 delivers the gain of the worst tire profile nonetheless, higher speeds prevent hard responsive suspension. This Kymco must not be misunderstood as an off-road scooter. And it is not a comfy sedan possibly, it shakes its driver appropriately on the stone slabs. Which lowers its attractiveness a little bit, due to the fact it’s an exciting supply of system, particularly for B196 motorists, since it seems really experienced.

Extensive products

Crossover motorbike machines is fantastic: There is an LED show in the cockpit, which is not effortless to examine in the sunlight. Even so, it displays anything that is necessary, up to the temperature of the cold h2o or the degree of battery cost. There is also a USB port for sensible cellphone charging in the storage spot on the left.

The 2nd USB port is concealed below a brand symbol with a hinge in the middle of the deal with. A very low-crucial storage area, this sort of as a gasoline filter, can be operated without having a essential, illuminated by swallowing two smaller non-significant helmets. The lighting system is also beneficial: LEDs glow all all-around. From a crossover position of view, units with hand guards would be fairly acceptable – they are also useful in cold temperatures.

A comfortable sitting situation for the driver

The seating position on the substantial DT X360 is good there is just as substantially room for your legs as there is for your back again on a large bench chair. Even the passenger feels thoroughly addressed. Windshield athletics, little serves a lot more to glimpse than to safeguard against wind and rain. At the very least it does not result in any frustrating shock to the hat. A at ease but also vast seat combined with a seat peak of 80.5 centimeters implies that as a driver you have to measure at minimum 1.70 meters to be capable to keep your foot down easily.

Thanks to the huge 12.5-liter tank, the reserve lamp arrived just soon after 330 miles when refueling after 362 km indicated, only 10.1 liters entered the tank, an common of 2.8 liters per 100 km. Altered at an early speed, the end result was 327 km operated by an normal of 3.1 liters. There is no result in for sadness both, specially in perspective of not a smaller volume of total throttle. Do not permit the E5 sticker on the neck of the filter irritate you: an assessment by the importer showed that the engine also melted the E10 oil with no criticism.
Like the DT X360 350i, the cross-country motorbike from Taiwan has a more potent engine than model 125: Its 321 ccm engine generates 28.6 hp, and in accordance to typical, gas usage is .8 liters per 100 kilometers high. For an added cost of 850 euros, it is surely really worth looking at for A2 driving license holders. (SP-X)


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