June 23, 2024

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How to Register a Salik Tag & What is It?

What is Salik? 

Salik is Dubai’s automatic road toll assortment system which was introduced in 2007 and applicable in Emirate of Dubai. Driving under a Salik door with a Salik label connected to your vehicle will naturally deduct AED 4 from your enrolled Salik statement. Basically, Salik is the Arabic interpretation for open or clear. If you want to sell any car in Dubai, make sure to expel your Salik tag. There are 7 Salik doors in activity around Dubai as under:

  • Maktoum Bridge
  • Airport Tunnel
  • Al Safa (Shaikh Zayed Road)
  • Jebel Ali (Shaikh Zayed Road)
  • Al Barsha (Shaikh Zayed Road)
  • Garhoud Bridge
  • Al Mamzar South
  • Al Mamzar North 

At earlier, you were topped at AED24 every day (Six tours in a day would be charged, any outings after that would be for nothing out of pocket), however that top has since been expelled. But 2013 onwards, there is no daily limit. To get a Salik tag, make sure you have the accompanying reports with you; 

  • A copy of the vehicle registration card 
  • Identification Papers (Emirates ID or maybe a Passport) 

With respect to organizations who need to apply for a Salik tag for organization vehicles, a duplicate of the exchange permit is likewise required. To sell your car in Dubai, you must expel the Salik tag.  

What Does A Salik Tag Costs? 

There are two choices with regards to purchasing a tag. The first is setting off to a shop to get one. Only one out of every odd shop around town sells the labels, however, they can be obtained from oil stations and RTA offices. Purchasing from one of these outlets will cost AED 100 and comes preloaded with AED 50. The subsequent choice is to purchase a label online by means of the Salik official site. Here the label will cost AED 120 yet at the same time incorporates the AED 50 equalization. The extra AED 20 is for conveyance charges. 

Once immovably appended to the vehicle, you are presently ready to drive under any cost doors dispersed crosswise over Dubai. From the date of procurement, you have ten days to append the tag to your windshield. 

How would I top up my Salik account, If Ran Out of Balance? 

This should likewise be possible in one of two different ways; either with similar shops that sell labels or by means of the net. If you are about to sell any car, the Salik tag must be removed. 

On the off chance that you decide to go to any of the shops, ensure you have the record number helpful as it is required to top up. Reviving your parity online requires credit or plastic. The RTA will likewise send suggestions to the enrolled telephone number if the equalization is to low. To check your present equalization, you can:

  • Visit Salik‚Äôs Official Website
  • Use the Smart Salik App
  • Call 24-hour at (800 72545)

The total amount you can keep in the Account is AED50,000. In the event that you don’t drive under an entryway for quite a while, your equalization will stay flawless for as long as five years. 

Salik fines 

In the event that by chance you end up intersection underneath a Salik entryway without a Salik tag, you have ten working days to obtain a Salik to represent your car, on the off chance that you don’t enroll for the one you will be fined. Make sure at the time to sell your car, these fines are clear and there must e no Salik tag. You can look at all fines beneath: 

OffenseFine Charged
Deficient funds in Salik AccountNo fine, if recharged within 5 days, After 5 days there will be a fine of AED 50/day
No Salik Tag on the Car100 AED on the first trip (after 10 days grace period)200 AED on the second trip (after 10 days grace period)
400 AED on the third trip and after trips following that (after 10 the day grace period)

What to do with Salik Tag When to Sell Any Car?

On the off chance that and when you sell your car, guarantee you expel the Salik tag from the vehicle as the tag is enrolled to your record, not simply the vehicle. If not evacuated and the new proprietor drives under an entryway, the individual who the record is placed will be charged and fined if there isn’t sufficient equalization on the record. 

Are there any vehicles excluded from Salik? 

Individuals of determination are excluded from paying Salik. Electric vehicles are not excluded despite the fact that on the off chance that you do anticipate getting one, you get a free Salik tag until 2019. Military and police wheels are eliminated as are ambulances, RTA open transports, school transports, and school transports. 

Taxi’s utilized to be excluded numerous years back, these days in the event that you take a taxi and travel under an entryway, you will be charged an extra AED4 for your excursion. 

Do Salik Gates exist outside of Dubai? 

No, Salik doors are just found in Dubai. Not long ago, Abu Dhabi had considered actualizing a comparative framework in the country’s capital. Make sure if you want to sell any can, you must exempt the Salik tag before selling the car.