July 25, 2024

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History On the Light Box


History On the Light Box

The gentle box was one particular of my favored parts about operating at a The Rodder’s Journal. Even nevertheless I grew up with film images, there was some thing distinctive about digging up slides and learning them on that major, illuminated sheet of plastic. Lights off. Mild box on. Monocle-like magnifier (also identified as a loupe) in hand. With that, we had a direct ticket to a further place and time.

By the decades, I’ve sifted through 1000’s of vintage photos. Every and just about every 1 of them tells a tale. So what is up with these images? The reply is a little far more advanced than you may feel.

These shots are from the Danny Eichstedt collection, and they are aspect of a a lot greater write-up which is been in the will work given that 2018. I took these images of photographs on their gentle box 4 decades in the past. Currently, I’d like to share them with you.

There is a ton to consider in. NieKamp in brown. The “Leg Demonstrate T” carving up the Streetkahana training course in Memphis. Roadside repairs. Ron Week’s blown ’34 Tudor. Paul Braga’s Product A. Andy Brizio driving shotgun in a T-bucket. Minibike insanity. The So-Cal Coupe in blue. And, my private favorite, a team shot of the NieKamp roadster, Bud Bryan’s “Project ’29” and the “Highland Plating Special” on the very same day as the legendary Avenue Rod Quarterly address. Hearing Steve Coonan and Geoff Miles’ stories about these automobiles and introduced just about every slide to lifetime like never just before.

This is just a tiny portion of the assortment. I can not ensure when you’ll be able to see additional, but with any luck it’ll be in a long run problem of the journal. This is a person of my preferred eras of very hot rod record, and I feel its finest seen in the most standard way possible—on the gentle box.

Joey Ukrop

Pictures from the Danny Eichstedt assortment. Glimpse for far more in TRJ quite soon.


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