June 23, 2024

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HiQ behind Yamaha Motor’s first-ever connected vehicle in Europe


HiQ and Yamaha Motors are launching Yamaha Motor’s to start with-at any time components-related scooter in Europe, which you can connect with the MyRide app. The NMAX 125cc and 155cc Yamaha Motor’s very first iOT connected automobile in Europe and the commence of a electronic practical experience when using your scooter.

“It is quite interesting for us at HiQ to be section of and contribute to the journey wherever Yamaha Motor’s launch their extremely very first related car in Europe,” claims Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

Yamaha Motor Europe and HiQ have been developing the MyRide app collectively for five many years. In the app, riders can find important info about their newest “Trip” – lean angle details, average velocity, elevation, and riders are able to build and share their very own routes with mates. The application takes advantage of intelligent functionalities in the cellular phone for all facts and will work individually from the scooter. Now a scooter is remaining connected to the application for the very first time – the new NMAX, starting from product calendar year 2021 onwards, is Yamaha Motor’s to start with related auto in Europe at any time and therefore the setting up point of a electronic encounter of scooter driving.

Yamaha Motor’s new versions of the motor vehicles NMAX 125 and NMAX 155 allow the user to connect their scooter to MyRide Application and just take section in additional data these types of as gasoline usage, their newest parked place, battery, oil position and getting notifications about the vehicle’s standing. These are some of the functions that will supply a smoother possession and an increased working experience and the possibility to often have a good plan of how a scooter feels.

HiQ has been accountable for the structure and process development of both equally the iOS and Android model of MyRide from the start.


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