October 2, 2023

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Healthrider R60 Treadmill Review

For the casual users, the HealthRiderR60 treadmill is definitely not lacking in either the standard, or the featured items that the consumer may want. Thought by most in the field to at least be worth the price tag it’s been given, the R60 is still a middle of the field machine.

While the I-fit system and oversized walking surface are plusses, and definitely non-standards, there are still boring standard features such as fans, speakers and a heart monitor. Things that you simply expect on a treadmill now.

HealthRider R60 Treadmill Specifications

  • Motor- 2.0 Hp
  • Folding- Yes
  • Max Speed- 12mph
  • Incline- 0-10%
  • Walking Surface- 60? X 20?
  • Display- 4 window LED BioLogic Console
  • Programs- 10 + ifit compatible
  • Dimensions- 80? x 33? x 58?
  • Treadmill Weight- N/A
  • Max User Weight- 330 lbs
  • Warranty- 10 years motor, 1 year parts and labor

Many consumers in the exercise field by now have heard of the I-fit system. By utilizing I-fit.com, and the equipment at hand, consumers are able to make a personalized weight loss plan to get into better shape. This is a professionally proven and developed plan-talk about a bonus!

In order to access the I-fit program, the consumer may use one of two methods-either by buying an optional CD, or by using an internet connection. I-fit programs are already very detailed enough that they give the consumer such a work-out-and it follows professional guidelines, too.

Taking advantage of the speakers, the consumer is able to have audio encouragement while using the I-fit program. As an even better benefit, there is a cushioning system that over the years has changed for the better. Now, users will find that there is much less impact on their knees and joints as well.

Big Machine, Big Value?

Who does not appreciate a large running surface to use? I know I do. That is one thing that the R60 does have-a 60″x20″ area. Something else that is nice about a running area of this size-older consumers, who can be unsure of themselves or just want to walk, can feel free to do so.

In addition, other consumers who are less durable and want more confidence can get it by using this larger area.

For those consumers wanting, even needing to have value, having the I-fit system built into the HealthRiderR60 gives that to them. Trying to meet fitness goals is something that all consumers want to do, and still stick to their workouts.

The availability of the I-fit system on all the HealthRider systems is found on all of the recent models. Due to this availability, the brand has an individual fanfare all its own.

Even if the consumer doesn’t use the I-fit system, there are still a number of other programs available for them to use-distance, heart rate, fat burning and timed workouts as well. Although these programs are simply average programs, the consumer will still be able to accomplish something other than the I-fit system or plain old manual settings.

However, there is a downside to the HealthRiderR60’s large running surface-there is not a large motor to go along with it! Belts of the 60″x 20″ dimension should have a larger motor to them than the 2.0 CHP motor that is provided with this treadmill. For those consumers who wish to do some serious running on the R60, it just is not going to happen.

Another downfall is the warranty. For the price point of fifteen hundred dollars, the warranty that HealthRider provides is definitely not what consumers expect. As a result, they go looking elsewhere-particularly at the higher-end machines.

Still another downer for the HealthRiderR60 is the console-it is seriously out of date. Who wants to buy a machine that looks like it came from the 1980’s? Not me. Considering that the I-fit system is on the machine, it seems a simple enough concept that a up-to-date console would have been an easy enough thing to do for a machine in this price point.

Ok For Walking, Forget Serious Running

Other than the great features that this machine does have, this machine really is a bit boring. Yes, it is good to walk on. If you are content with an incline that is less than ten percent, and a large belt, then this machine is for you.

However, this machine is not for those consumers who want to do some serious running at high speeds-the motor will not handle it, and do so smoothly.

Still, I will recommend the HealthRider R60 for those who want a machine that is in the middle of the price point range, and want to get involved with the I-fit system.