June 23, 2024

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Google is killing Android Auto for phone screens


Approximately a year ago, the tech giant cut the plug on the Android Auto for cellular phone screens for consumers of Android 12, redirecting them to Google’s Assistant driving method. Now, Google is shutting down the application altogether.

If users of Android 11 and older versions open up the application, they’ll see the pursuing, terse concept: “Android Auto for cell phone screens will prevent functioning soon”

Here’s a screenshot of my Xiaomi Redmi 11 (functioning on Android 11), when I open up it:

android auto

The app is nonetheless usable, but the message reappears just about every time it’s activated. And there are no even further facts as to how quickly “soon” actually is.

In a statement to 9to5google, Google confirmed that the application is being accomplished absent with, but did not share any data about when it is likely to end performing:

For the folks who use Android Car in supported autos, that knowledge is not going away — and in simple fact we introduced an future important UI enhancement lately at Google I/O. For those who use the on telephone expertise (Android Car mobile app), they will be transitioned to Google Assistant driving method which is our future evolution of the cellular driving knowledge. We have no even more aspects to share at this time.

This basically means that possibly you will get a car or truck with Android Auto as a constructed-in feature, or you’ll have to switch to the Google Assistant driving method.

The Assistant driving manner has certainly arrive a extensive way considering the fact that its first launch. It combines Google Maps and Assistant, the two of which combine various media applications. It looks extra modern day and can far more or fewer take care of the identical things.

However, it is not rather as polished as Android Vehicle but, and to activate it you are going to need to have to enter a desired destination into Google Maps — a little something that is not generally essential and isn’t necessary in Android Auto.

Presumably, you will be in a position to continue on using Android Auto in areas exactly where Google’s Assistant driving manner is not out there however. So love it although you can, and if you’d like to switch from Google, it is time to start out on the lookout for a alternative.


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