July 21, 2024

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Getting Ready For the New 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Two stroke motorbikes have advantages to the four stroke bikes and the V-6 motorbikes. 2 stroke engines have a much stronger rate of acceleration as well as having a lot less parts that could malfunction. Power bands in these bikes also make trail riding fun. Two stroke motor bikes area a great deal more easily to jump in any motocross race. The two stroke bikes are a lot more light weight; they are easier to do maneuver with such as ‘popping wheelies’. These 2 stroke bikes have great engines that are a lot easier to start than those of the four strokes’.

When stunts involve difficult and potentially dangerous acts, these motorcycles are a lot easier to handle. The engines of the 2 strokes start a lot more easily than the other dirt bikes’. These bikes were popular throughout the world until the middle 1980’s for stunt competitions, motorcycle activities, motor bike rides on the beach, racing and excursions into the back country. The new stroke dirt bikes could be seen on all of the major continents of the world. Every young person dreamed of having a 2 stroke motor bike.

The two stroke dirt bikes are known as such because of the unique way their engines work. When the engine’s piston moves downward, the fuel mixture is compressed under the piston. It is then blown into the cylinder. Once the mixture is blown in, the exhaust gasses are blown out. This mixture of fuel blows into the cylinder through ports (passages) in the walls of the cylinder.

A 2 stroke motorcycle has become rarer and almost obsolete after 1985 due to the public’s concerns of pollution. Unlike engines of 4 stroke and V6 engines, the engines of these motorcycles burned fuel AND oil at one time together. This type of combustion could pollute in one hour akin to two 18-wheeler trucks’ traveling 1,000 miles. The public became fearful.

These are powerful dirt bikes with speed and power potential. They aren’t expensive to manufacture and they are light weight for their size. The engine features a capacity for high RPM (revolutions per minute). The two stroke motorcycles were popular as sport bikes until around 1984.

The cost of maintaining or fixing these motorbikes is becoming increasingly more expensive as the parts and components are harder to find. Fewer motorcycle mechanics are becoming specialized in the methods of fixing these motorcycles. Do it yourself manuals specializing in the 2 stroke engine of the motorbikes are becoming a thing of the past.

These lightweight and easy-to-maneuver bikes may, however, gain resurgence. Technology of the past few years has made engine parts compatible with these dirt bikes. The newer engines for the more lightweight motorbikes are constructed of aluminum alloy. Combustion in the new dirt bike engines burns fuel and oil separately.

Damage to the environment is cited as a major factor in the dirt bikes’ decline. Huge advances in technology could resurrect the 250cc 2 stroke motorcycles. Methods and means already are in existence to manufacture two stroke bike engines that are even MORE environmentally friendly as those of a four stroke motorbike. Perhaps one day soon the 2 stroke dirt bikes will once again be a motorbike force to be reckoned with! This dirt bike has it all for need for speed riders. Its also a huge benefit to have such high performance with little malfunctioning.