July 20, 2024

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Gas Scooter Laws to Consider Before Buying

Gas scooters are becoming more popular with the downturn in the economy.  There’s been an upsurge in scooter sales lately and you’ve probably seen them popping up around your town. They’re cheaper to buy and maintain than a car, and they use less gas.  Remember before you buy, consider your state gas scooter laws, you can’t always wheel your scooter out of the showroom and onto the street.  

Many municipalities have requirements on safety equipment, and licensing.   In many states in the U.S. you’ll need at least an automobile drivers license, and in some states you’ll also need a motorcycle endorsement.  Your state might have an maximum engine size to still be considered a scooter.  In many states it’s 50cc.  That probably explains the proliferation of 49cc scooters.  If your scooter is over the maximum for your state your scooter might be considered a motorcycle in terms of licensing.  That means you’ll have to take an extra written test and in many cases take a course or drivers test.  Of course you’ll have to pay for those courses and the extra test. You’ll have to have all these things out of the way before you buy unless your state allow some sort of provisional license.  

Of course you’ll want to take care of title, registration, and insurance, the title and registration can be taken are of at the dealer, unless you are buying a used scooter from the owner.  In that case our local tax collector should be able to take care of that.  Make sure your insurance company will cover you for a scooter, they may not consider a scooter the same as a motorcycle.   You’ll also need to make sure your scooter has all the safety equipment you need to be street legal.  If you buy from a dealer that shouldn’t be a problem, but if you buy privately it might.  Many states or counties require helmets, even if they don’t it’s a really good idea to wear one.  

Another thing to consider is emissions standards.  California has one of the strictest set of emissions laws in the U.S. but many other states are starting to tighten the rules.  Don’t take your dealers word that your scooter meets emissions standards.  The state of California will revoke your title if they find that your scooter is not up to standards.  There is a sticker that the state or county should require if your scooter has been tested and passed. If you’re considering a scooter in your future make sure you do your due diligence on the gas scooter laws in your area before you buy.