July 21, 2024

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Exclusive! The new Bugatti will still use the W16 and be a Roadster


It appears to be like ages since we last shared an within scoop on Bugatti. That being mentioned, we now have an enjoyable bit of information to share with you. 

Bugatti has lined-up a new design for this 12 months, and it is anything none of us listed here had expected. They are at last making an open up-top Bugatti Roadster!

The upcoming Bugatti Roadster (not the final identify) will be the 1st roofless product centered on the Chiron platform. From what we recognize, this system was in no way intended with an open-prime product in intellect. This implies, the wizards at Molsheim must’ve invested various sleepless nights modifying the existing architecture whilst preserving the best torsional rigidity. It must’ve been a substantial and high priced job, in truth.

Bugatti Veyron Barchetta-Speedster Concept-2

In accordance to insiders, the Bugatti Roadster will use the ‘Thor’ engine – the most powerful one particular in the brand’s arsenal. Which is exact same 1600 hp 8.-liter W16 motor that powers the Chiron Tremendous Activity and the Centodieci.

Like I reported, modifying an existing platform of these types of a lower volume hypercar is not simple. Bugatti will have to offer sufficient selection of vehicles to recoup the expenditure. Which is why, we weren’t amazed when our sources revealed the Bugatti Roadster manufacturing quantities. If our info is appropriate, Bugatti will establish 99 Roadsters in total.

Which is all we have for now. But, this is a producing tale, and we will be back again with additional details soon. So stay tuned!


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