September 22, 2023

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Examining the Exterior, Interior, and Sound of the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53


“100% Feelings, % Emission” is how Mercedes-Benz defines its new EQS. The car or truck showcases a incredibly refined exterior with smoother and cleaner surfaces just about no cost of human body strains, except on the reduced sides and the hood for adornment of these important places. It is indeed a worthy electric powered counterpart of the flagship S-Class. But as for the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53, is it seriously a “proper AMG”?

The AMG EQS 53 may possibly not be in the same vein as the variety-topping AMG S65 or the other AMG cars and trucks that we know of since all that Mercedes did was set a faux Panamericana front grille, sportier wheels, and a more defined rear diffuser into it and just lined it up beneath the AMG model, but it does generate a thoughts-blowing amount of output. The EV is rated at 649 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque with -62 mph acceleration of 3.8 seconds. The figures can be raised to 751 hp and 752 lb-ft with the optional AMG Dynamic As well as for a good -62 mph run in just 3.4 seconds. So, overall performance-sensible, the car is an AMG in a sense.

In the new online video down below by Mr. Benz, we can additional discover the AMG EQS 53, significantly its motor seem and inside options. It starts by introducing the motor vehicle where by we get a nearer glimpse at its frontal style and design, intakes, sides, multi-spoke wheels, ceramic brakes obscured by the rims, charging port, and rear spoiler. Then the presenter proceeds to open up the EV where we get to enjoy its pop-up doorway handles that are integrated flawlessly into the doors.

Upon entry into its cockpit, we get to see the wonderful AMG animation on the Hyperscreen and other graphics. Total, the Dinamica, illuminated strips around the seats and side panels, and the thicker steering wheels are a nice touch but we are actually worried about the seats of this a single.

As the presenter noticed, the seats have by now created hideous creases, which is rather a letdown considering that the auto only had 6,000 kilometers on its clock as of the shooting of the online video. What’s more, it ditched the panoramic sunroof. Yet, it does provide a pleasant sound when commenced, and it presents a wonderful AR animation upon turning off its motor.


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