July 24, 2024

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Electric Bicycles Australia – E Bikes With Motor Assist

Its hard to find electric bicycles for sale in Australia online. So we will show you where to find them, and how to order them cheap. As you know most of the E Bike ordering websites are for the USA or UK. And it’s impossible to order an electric bike online from overseas due to the large heavy sizes of the cartons in gets shipped in. The delivery cost from overseas would actually cost more the the bicycle.

Electric Bicycles Popularity in Australia
Only the past couple of years have E Bikes starting to grow in popularity here. Due to every increasing cost of fuel and petrol. High costs of maintaining your car, and unreliable public transport. Australian`s are starting to grow towards this new self sufficient way of transport. Its cheap, reliable, fast, and environment friendly green energy from using the small electric motor.

Australia Cities Becoming Bicycle Friendly
As many of you have noticed, our major cities are introducing bicycle friendly plans. Such as bicycle lanes all through inner Sydney city, and even starting in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Before it was a very daunting task battling through Sydney’s city streets, competing with Buses, Trucks, speeding cars. It was too dangerous to consider it. But now Australia is realizing the benefits of introducing bike lanes to help stop inner city congestion.

Where to find Cheap Electric Bicycles in Australia
There are more and more E Bikes for sale popping up in bicycle shops and online stores in Australia. And some will even deliver anywhere in Australia to your door. We have found that the prices can vary greatly from store to store, so watch out for over priced products.