July 24, 2024

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Drive Water Fuel – Increase Your Vehicles Fuel Efficiency

Would you like to know how you can increase your vehicles fuel efficiency by 35 – 50 percent?

Have you ever thought about how much gasoline we truly burn? What I am trying to say is, have you have wondered if the gasoline that we are putting in our cars is using 100% of the $4/gallon we are spending? The answer is no, and in fact a BIG NO. In reality scientist and researchers have confirmed that we only burn 25 – 35 percent of the gasoline we put in our cars. Our engines are so terrible that unfortunately most of the gas we put in our cars goes straight out into what we call pollution.

I mean, I guess you could look at the bright side, at least we are providing tree life and plants with enough co2 emissions to get us through the next ice age… Anyways a lot of talk has been going around converting your car to run on HHO gasoline.

What Exactly Is HHO?

HHO is just an acronym for (2 Hydrogens + 1 Oxygen). The HHO is sent through the car’s battery and creates an electrolysis, which in return implements enough power to operate our car’s engine. Now, many people are wondering, since HHO is 3 times as more powerful than gasoline, why do we still need gasoline in our car’s as well? The reason why we still need gasoline is because its a GREAT fuel source, but like mentioned earlier, we only use so little of it…. If we can increase our engines fuel efficiency to 100% (we can’t yet) just imagine how much more gas would be available. An HHO kit helps us increase the fuel efficiency by an estimated 40%.

The best part of all is that it’s affordable, and can be done by yourself. Kits are also reversible, and do not mark any damage on the value of the car.