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I am an optimist by nature. One will have to be, in get to be a lifelong Chicago sporting activities admirer — in any other case, the crushing realization that a long time of failure are very likely to be adopted by a long run that consists of extra of the similar may well result in a individual to consider a a single-way stroll into Lake Michigan.

I am striving to keep that optimism even as far more and far more proof, both of those empirical and anecdotal, emerges that social media has warped humanity’s brains past recognition. I try to see some price in it — surely your next cousin two times taken out would be unaware of your the latest Jamaican trip and how much fun you experienced YOLO’ing if you didn’t have a Facebook account, appropriate?

Undoubtedly your 10 Twitter followers ought to know your thoughts on how to clear up the morass in Ukraine, because you have figured out a little something that globe leaders haven’t, and the globe just has to know.

But even this eternal optimist turns into the Grandpa Simpson yelling at clouds gif from time to time. Viewing a video of a Tesla ending up in items — together with at the very least two other automobiles — at the bottom of a Los Angeles-region hill immediately after some idiot with more cojones than popular feeling jumped it, Dukes of Hazzard model, triggered me to want to just nuke of all of Silicon Valley.

If you have been on Twitter since Friday, you have likely found the video. Or accompanying movies that confirmed onlookers standing dangerously close to the, uh, soar zone. These latter movies convey to me that this stunt was planned.

You may perhaps have also noticed area news items, or posts from our competing internet sites, covering the story. It went, as they say, viral.


The cops are searching for the driver of the rented Tesla, which strike two parked automobiles when it landed. I saw a GoFundMe for the owner of one of those vehicles on Twitter this morning. According to Road & Monitor, the stunt happened after a meet-up for Tesla owners and/or admirers, and the owner of the @dominykas TikTok account has been discovered as a individual of interest by the LAPD. He or she posted a online video of the crash with a caption expressing “i just crashed my new Tesla.”

The cops more told R&T that they’re doing the job with the rental-vehicle corporation, the owner of the vehicle, on ID’ing the renter.

One more Tesla driver jumped their Product X at the very same place in 2020. That driver is a YouTuber named David Dobrik.

Jordan Hook, the owner of one of the broken cars — a Subaru Forester — was quoted by R&T as saying: “It’s this craze matter,” Hook claimed. “Everybody’s like ‘Oh I could be seen by Elon if I do a stunt or a trick on this avenue!’ It’s just gotten kind of stupid.”

He’s proper! IT IS Silly.

It’s stupid to soar automobiles on public roadways, regardless of whether they are Teslas or Mustangs or BMWs. It is stupid to stand close to the airborne auto to get the ideal video clip for “the ‘Gram”. It is stupid to hazard people’s life — oh, and a feline’s, too, as evidently a cat was in the vehicle with the driver and passengers — just to get clicks and clout. Even if there is the possible for monetization.

This is where I admit, in the curiosity of full disclosure, that when I was a teenager, I did some dumb things powering the wheel out of boredom/peer force/youthful stupidity. I even tried to soar my own car or truck once, at significantly slower speeds and above a a great deal much more gentle rise. So I do get the enchantment of “looking amazing.”

Pretty much all of us did dumb shit behind the wheel as teens, regardless of whether we had been car or truck folks or not. But we didn’t do it for Web virality. And we grew up. We comprehend now how dumb we have been.

It’s a single point to do anything dumb since you’re a bored teen and you think you know far more than you do. That doesn’t justification this behavior, of training course. But it’s a entire other matter to be a developed individual — most rental providers call for you to be at minimum 21 to rent a vehicle — and to plan out this sort of party. It’s insane for the driver and onlookers to disregard their have security, and the safety of other individuals, just to “go viral.”

1 dude missing his experience. Anyone, or numerous someones, risk shedding his/her/their flexibility, based on what the cops cost them with. All in the title of remaining the “star” of Twitter for a handful of hours, or a couple of times.

Yeah, I know. I’m the outdated scold now. For the history, I do consider leaping cars is cool — but this form of stunt shouldn’t be happening on community streets, in particular in densely populated regions. Come across a area and make a ramp ought to you want to chase viral fame.

No people (or felines) had been seemingly harmed in the building of this online video. They might not be so lucky next time.

[Image: Tesla]

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