U. MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. – State Police are on the lookout for more than 40 illegal ATV and dirt bike riders.

They were caught on camera riding on I-78 last Thursday, and two of them ended up crashing. State Police released pictures of the riders Tuesday. They were spotted just after 8 p.m. by a state trooper.

“He observed approximately 48 all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, traveling from State Route 22 onto Interstate 78,” said State Trooper Nathan Branosky.

ATVs group on Tilghman Street



After being spotted, Trooper Branosky said the riders quickly got off the highway.

“They exited onto State Route 100, then onto Tilghman Street, where there was a crash with two of the bikes,” said Trooper Branosky.

Tuesday, one of those riders who crashed is facing serious charges.

“The person that was involved in the motor vehicle crash is looking at a felony fleeing and eluding, including a number of summary charges also,” said Trooper Branosky.

Branosky said that, while dirt bikes and ATV’s have become common in cities across Pennsylvania, he was surprised to see this activity on a highway.

ATVs on Tilghman Street

“We’ve seen it in other areas of the state. This is the first time that we’ve seen it on the interstate, so they’re getting more brazen,” said Trooper Branosky.

But a new law in Pennsylvania is now aimed at making those riders less brazen. Senate Bill 1183 was just signed by Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday, allowing local police departments in cities like Allentown and Bethlehem to confiscate and destroy illegal vehicles.

But Branosky said, right now, his focus is on catching and charging each and every one of those 48 riders from Thursday night.

“These motorists were a danger to themselves, they were dangerous to other motorists on the highway at that time, and we need to find out who they are,” said Trooper Branosky.

If you do know anything about the riders in those photos, you are asked to call State Police Troop M in Foglesville at 610-395-1438. Trooper Branosky said, if you ever see riders like that on the roadway, do not engage with them for your own safety, but report it to police.


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