July 23, 2024

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Diagnosing Repair Parts on the NSS Stallion 8SC Carpet Extractor

The NSS Stallion 8SC carpet extractor by National Super Service is one of the best carpet extractors sold in the United States. This extractor is easy to use and is extremely portable and lightweight. Over time small issues might arise with this unit and it may need to be repaired. The extractor itself has four likely areas where things could go wrong and parts need to be fixed. It is important to use OEM NSS parts when repairing this extractor to ensure trouble-free use down the road. The four major areas that could go wrong are the vacuum motor, brush motor, pump and brush assembly. NSS parts are readily available through online National Super Service parts dealers and local NSS dealers.

A common problem with this carpet extractor is that the brush bearings tend to go back prematurely. One of the main reasons for this is that some extractors sit for extended periods of time and the bearings start to rust because water was left in the brush assembly and it was not given time to dry out. There are two ways that bearings can be replaced. The first way is to disassemble the main brush remove the bearings, remove the axle, and replace with new NSS bearings. The second and easiest solution to this problem is to purchase a whole new brush assembly which includes the brush, bearings, axle and bearing clips. There are two screws on the outer housing of the brush assembly, remove the screws in the brush should drop from the machine. Remove the belt from the brush and pull the brush away from the machine. To install the new brush wrap the belt around the pulley, but the brush into the machine and screw in the two outside screws. This is an easy fix to the most common problem with Stallion 8SC has. A great way to ensure that bearings within the brush not go bad is to let air circulate around the brush when the machine is not in use. This will prevent the bearings from rusting and seizing up over time.

The next component that is most likely to fail is the brush motor. Before placing the brush motor check to see that the belt is in good condition and has not snapped. Many people assume that the brush motor is bad and do not check the belt first. This NSS belt is extremely inexpensive and easy to replace. On the lower housing of the machine there are screws which need to be removed to access the brush motor and belt. When replacing the belt make sure to check that the brush motor sprints freely and that the pulley on the brush spins freely. A common reason that brush motors go bad is that the bearings on the brush seize up and this will either snap the belt or put an excessive load on the motor causing it to burnout.

When you notice your machine is losing suction it could be that your vacuum motor is starting to wear out. A good thing to do before replacing the vacuum motor is to check all seals especially on the dome and check the dome gasket. Leaks here will cause loss of suction and prevent carpets from being cleaned properly. To access the vacuum motor there are two screws on the back of the unit undo the screws and the top of the unit will flip forward exposing all the internal components. When doing this make sure that the machine is empty in both the solution and recovery tanks. If the machine is not empty water will spill from these tanks onto the floor. To replace the vacuum motor undo the hold down screws and remove the air outlet from the vacuum motor. Repeat the steps to replace the unit.

The last area that can be problematic on the NSS Stallion 8SC is the pump. On the user control panel there is a red button, when pressed this will cause the pump to start and water will be released from the jets on the lower unit. Before replacing the pump check the jets to see if they are clogged. It is common for water not to come out of the unit when these jets are clogged. The easiest way to clean jets is to soak them in a delimer product. Over time calcium from hard water can build up and plug the tiny holes causing them not to release water. After the jets have been soaked do not try to clean the jet holes with anything sharp. The optimal way to clean these jets is to blow compressed air through the top of the jet, this will release debris and free up the whole. If you’re jets are clean and there still is no solution coming out of your machine then you might have a bad pump. To replace the pump under the two screws from the back of the machine until the top of the machine forward exposing the internal parts. Remove the pump and replace with a genuine NSS Stallion 8SC pump. It is important to use only National Super Service parts to ensure extra longevity of your machine.

When working on the NSS Stallion 8SC is important that the power cord be unplugged from the wall and that no power is running to the unit. The Stallion 8SC has now been replaced with the Stallion 818 SC. The major difference between these two carpet extractors is that the Stallion 818 SC has a 18 inch cleaning path instead of a 16 inch cleaning path in the older unit. Some parts for the Stallion 818 SC are interchangeable with the older Stallion 8SC but not all. The main part that is not interchangeable is the brush assembly, so when ordering parts it is important that you order the correct part for the correct machine.