September 21, 2023

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Catalytic convertor theft on the rise in Corpus Christi


These pieces, which go for a pair hundred bucks, can be taken from your vehicle in just a couple seconds.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Criminals are after catalytic convertors these days, and after they have gotten their arms on yours, you will be on the lookout at a very extensive hold out time to have it replaced.

Our Ashley Gonzalez experienced this problem initial hand at the beginning of the year, and in her case, it took three full months for it to be replaced.

These components, which go for a few hundred bucks, can be taken in just a few seconds. “I have observed some take them in less than 20 seconds,” Rick’s Human body Store Proprietor Rick Cruz claimed. “It really is no time at all to noticed by way of the exhaust and acquire off with them.”

The Corpus Christi Law enforcement Office explained in 11 months, 429 stolen catalytic convertors were claimed. “Typically the criminals are focusing on spots where you can find a large concentration of autos,” CCPD Public Information and facts Officer Michael Pena spelled out. “So, big parking lots and apartment complexes wherever there is certainly a multitude of cars, not so significantly in the neighborhoods.” 

The most qualified autos in the city have been: 

  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford F-250

The surge in thefts picked up in Corpus Christi about eight months ago and Cruz stated this is for the reason that catalytic convertors have develop into a hot commodity. “They received them for 8 automobiles past night, or six cars the 7 days ahead of. We would listen to it from all about the market,” Cruz additional.

Sad to say, it truly is also unlawful to travel your auto with no one particular. “They could pull you over and give you a ticket. You have to make clear to them and often they will let you go, often they will not,” Cruz explained. 

Cruz also described how driving with the section missing can trigger you to melt away up extra gasoline. “It can be not limiting it, so it is really heading to be straight airflow. It really is gong to run rough. It is just just one factor foremost to one more. That is why you will need it, so the emissions are running freely and evidently by the vehicle.”

With all of this in head, it can be quite apparent that it really is important to hold your catalytic convertor protected. Thankfully, Cruz outlined a few strategies to protect your car, and even put those practices to use on Ashley Gonzalez’s truck.

“Some have essentially powder coated it and put ‘stolen’ on them,” he shared. “Now, the newer thing I’ve viewed has been a cable that you weld to a pipe as a result of the catalytic converter. It is tougher to lower via the cable than it is to minimize as a result of the pipe.”

Other guidelines for people interested in shielding their motor vehicles incorporate having an alarm, putting your VIN selection on the convertor, and parking in properly-lit places. 

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