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BMW i4 M50 eDrive – POV Test Drive [eDriveDNA]








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Exactly. The 4 sequence gran coupe is not a terrible searching BMW with a realistic starting up MSRP $46,000 (sure, foundation motor is 4 cylinder but its is A lot more THAN Adequate for 99% of the populace. It is a turbo and last time I checked, the speed restrict is even now between 65-75 om big US freeways/highways. So you should not get me started out on why you require much more electrical power when the vehicle can do sub 6 seconds from -60.

The i4 creation seems to be Practically nothing like the thought edition, a comprehensive permit down. The interior is completely different from strategy, no panoramic full glass roof, the material is various, the strains, the seats, the surfaces, and so on. The exterior remained Accurately the exact same as with the 4 sequence gran coupe.

Is it that tricky to make some design variations to at the very least differentiate the i4 from the 4 collection gran coupe? Provided that you are paying involving $10K-$20K higher than the 4 collection gran coupe price tag? that’s absurd.

Literally, the only improve carried out is a silly following-assumed iPad monitor (which has some lag by the way) and adhere it on major of the dashboard, which is its.

Zero innovation in conditions of driverless autonomy or lack their of. You would feel a new electric powered product that will go effectively into the mid 2020s need to have at least meaningful improvement in latest driver autonomy characteristic. But no, similar as the relaxation of the model line up, arrive on.

And allows not overlook, BMW does not have Tesla’s charging infrastructure and will not likely for the foreseeable future. A single would counter you can demand at property? Confident, but that’s an additional $1k-$2k to get the swiftest charger setup and set up.

All in all, the substantial selling price tag does not offset the shortcomings described over (lack of style and design, absence of difference, absence of new features, abysmal electric powered variety, absence of driverless autonomy, and so forth.)

If you believe you are saving on gasoline cash, you are not due to the fact you are already paying a premium upfront for the cost.

Never misunderstand my factors previously mentioned, I am professional thoroughly clean electricity and I imagine that a mixture of electric + other resources of energy will be the potential of transportation, no argument below.

But, appear for authentic improvements, design and style, and technological innovation in electrical vehicles in 2030. My 2 cents.


1. The foundation is a 4 cylinder but BMW also tends to make a turbo 6 with shut to 400hp and all wheel generate. Do not assess an entry amount GC to the EV a superior comparison would be the M440i xDrive. The variation is about $10k for a fully loaded EV but subtract $7500 and any community cash and a M50 will come in at about the very same price tag.

So if you configure them the exact and just take into account the tax credits, it really is a wash (US).

2. Driverless tech and infotainment. You evidently haven’t examine much on the ahead and rearward radar and sensors at the corners. The 360 diploma cameras that are also utilized for ADAS. Site visitors Jam Aid makes it possible for arms free of charge in visitors as lengthy as you spend focus. In vehicle digicam monitors the driver alertness. Hands cost-free reversing out of parking spaces. HUD, etc.

Also GPS knowledgeable adaptive regen.
Synchronous electric powered motors with no scarce earth metals.

3. BMW partnered with Electrify The us for free of charge DC charging for two a long time. Possibly not Tesla infrastructure, but Tesla is just not free of charge any more. You also pay back a lot more away than you do at house. You you should not want to pay for a L2 charger if you have a dryer hookup in your garage. Some of us now have L2 chargers at home, so it does not matter.

4. You retain conversing about all the things that are negatives but,

Absence of design and style? You keep indicating that. Financial system of scale also dictates style. Separate style things no shared with other styles increase the rate you are currently complaining about. How significantly extra are you ready to pay for a individual style and design?

Absence of autonomous characteristics. See earlier mentioned. Far better than Tesla FSD that isn’t really. I won’t get into this discussion but Tesla can in no way be comprehensive self driving because the cameras have no redundancy and the are.blind in fog.

Search at MobileEye, Cruise or Nvidia for a authentic technique. (BMW uses MobileEye).

I just loaded a TM3P and costed it out $75k with FSD.

A loaded M50 is $79k, but you get leather, high quality paint, HUD, laser headlights, adaptive suspension and a host of other things you are not able to get on a TM3P. If you factor in the tax credit an M50 is now cheaper than the Tesla. Go figure…


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