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Hilarious Video clip: Uncle Tony Purchased The Scariest, Weirdest, Most Disaster Laden Motorcycle in The us For $300

Hilarious Video: Uncle Tony Bought The Scariest, Weirdest, Most Disaster Laden Motorcycle in America For $300

There’s bad, there’s genuine undesirable, and then then is whichever amount this pile of a bike exists on in the universe. Uncle Tony desired a Buell Blast engine for a task he is working on and managed to find a bike with the engine he desired in it for $300 on Market or some other For Sale assistance internet site. On arrival, he glanced the point over, noticed and intact engine, and loaded ‘er up. The seller was adamant that the construction of the bike was not his accomplishing and that he was promoting it for a buddy. You are going to see why this is an crucial factor to realize when you look at the movie.

This is the most sketchy motorcycle we have at any time found. Not 1 inch this thing is still left un-effed. From the bald ass front tire to the Schwinn Stingray handlebars, a thumb throttle that hits the fuel tank when turned, bizarre usages of various motorcycle components, a battery mount that is worse than a battlefield stretcher, the triplicate of tire plugs in the bald ass rear tire and extra.

This isn’t just “oh there’s some undesirable wiring” this is a analyze in someone’s eyesight of what a best tailor made bicycle is and bear in mind as you watch this…someone was really using it!

This is easily the most hilariously awful bike in The united states – Significant Laughs here –


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