July 20, 2024

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BangShift.com CRAZY RARE V8 4 Speed STATION WAGON (Is it Worth Saving?)

BangShift.com CRAZY RARE V8 4 Speed STATION WAGON (Is it Worth Saving?)

Crazy Rare V8 4 Velocity STATION WAGON (Is it Really worth Conserving?)

CRAZY RARE V8 4 Speed STATION WAGON (Is it Worth Saving?)

I’m a wagon freak, and when my Grandpa determined to rebuild a Studebaker truck in the early 2000’s I adopted him all around to some Studebaker wrecking yards in look for of parts. While at one in Dallas, I to start with noticed a Studebaker station wagon that had a retractable roof. I was blown absent and loved it. Perfectly, now Tommy Lee Byrd is in enjoy with one, and for fantastic purpose. These issues are amazing.

Tommy’s is rare, so he may possibly not sizzling rod it substantially, but all round these wagons are just cool simply because of the traces and the way the roof performs. It was meant to give a lot more cargo-carrying room for tall stuff if you ended up hauling things residence from the appliance retail store or components keep. No matter of how you use it, possessing a sliding roof is rad and we assume this detail would make an great cruising machine for very hot rod occasions. Check it out.

Movie Description:

Is this Deserted V8 floor shifted station wagon way too tough? This 1964 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire is unquestionably the rarest car I have ever owned. A flooring shifted 4 speed with a 289ci V8 underneath the hood. This matter is very uncommon. We’re so thrilled to have uncovered this auto, and we bought a reward components vehicle with it (wait around for a upcoming movie). Let’s dig deep into the history on this car, as I investigate it and get all the legit details from the Studebaker National Museum. This factor is so unattractive and so rusty and so rough, but I consider I’m in like.


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