July 25, 2024

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AutoZone How to Change Oil in a Ford Mustang

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Regular oil changes are one of the most important ways to maintain vehicle engines. When it comes to high-performance automobiles like the Ford Mustang, oil changes become even more important. The following steps outline how to change oil in a Ford Mustang.

1.Assemble the materials:

    • Socket to fit oil plug
    • Socket wrench
    • Oil filter wrench
    • Drain pan
    • Vehicle jack
    • Jack stands
    • Large Ziplock bag and latex gloves (optional)
    • 6 quarts of engine oil (use the VIN lookup function on an auto parts store website to find the right oil).
    • Fresh oil filter 

Before beginning, warm up the engine to allow the oil to drain more completely. 

2. Jack the car up:

    • Front: Position the jack under the car’s K member and raise the vehicle enough to position the jack stands on either side of the jack, then lower the car onto the jack stands.
    • Rear: Place the jack under the differential (set a wood block on top of the jack to protect the differential from wear and damage), raise the car, and place the jack stands under the axle tubes.
    • Reverse the above steps to lower the vehicle after the oil change is complete. 

3. Drain the oil:

    • Remove the oil cap under the hood of the car.
    • Find the drain plug(s). Older Mustangs may have two.
    • Place the drain pan under the plug.
    • Loosen the plug(s) with the socket and socket wrench, then remove them by hand.
    • Let the oil drain into the pan.
    • Replace the plug(s), hand-tighten and give each an 1/8 of a turn with the socket wrench. 

4. Remove, inspect and change the filter if needed:

    • Loosen the filter by turning the filter wrench counterclockwise.
    • Place the Ziplock bag over the filter to keep any draining oil off the car’s chassis, then spin the filter off by hand.
    • Ensure the rubber seal is still attached to the old filter; if not, check the oil filter mount as it will sometimes stick there. Remove it from the filter mount and discard it and the old filter properly.
    • Open the new filter and lubricate its seal with a little oil.
    • Pre-fill the new filter 1/2 to 3/4 full (this eliminates excess air upon initial engine startup and ensures the engine is properly lubricated after the oil has been drained).
    • Hand-tighten the filter in place and give it a quarter- to half-turn with the filter wrench. 

5. Refill the engine:

    • Using a funnel, pour several quarts of oil into the reservoir. Stop about a quart shy of the recommended amount to avoid engine overfill.
    • Wait several minutes to let the oil get to the bottom of the engine. Then, use the dipstick to check the oil level.
    • If the oil is low, add more oil a little at a time until the dipstick shows the recommended level.
    • Replace the oil cap.

The materials needed for a proper oil change are easily found at a reputable auto parts store, either in store or online. With the VIN lookup feature on auto parts store websites, Mustang owners can locate the best oil and filters for their specific vehicle model.