July 20, 2024

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Ares Aero is an ultralight, aero road e-bike you won’t believe has a motor


Compared to the Superleggera, the first e-road bike collaboration between HPR and design firm ARES Modena, the new Ares Aero is a steal at ~$15,000.

The new bike reshapes the tubes into a modern all-purpose aero road bike, but still hides the 200W HPS motor system inside the very normal-looking tubes. Here’s how it all comes together…

Powered by HPS’ WattAssist Pro, the bike integrates their bottom bracket shell gear cluster, using a motor inside the downtube to apply up to 20Nm of assistance directly to a custom crank spindle.

closeup of water bottle battery on ares aero road bike with hidden HPS motor

The battery bottle sits on the seat tube, using an plug integrated into the custom Elite bottle cage. Two batteries are available from HPS, a standard model (1.2kg, 193Wh) and a travel battery (720g, 85Wh) for flying with the bike.

They say those are good for up to 3 hours and 1.5 hours of climbing assistance, respectively. They have two modes, Peloton (6 levels of assist) and Attack (3 levels), and it’s all controlled via a compatible GPS cycling computer (Garmin and Wahoo are listed) through an ANT+ connection.

ares aero road bike with hidden HPS motor

This bike blends subtle aero shaping into a fairly traditional-looking road bike. Dropped seatstays should add compliance, but they’re noted for providing a stiffer rear end to maintain expected stiffness with the added power.

Being a European product, it’s limited to assisting up to 25km/h, which is plenty for climbing but will max out well before most riders do on flat surfaces.

bicycle cockpit shown on ares aero road bike with hidden HPS motor

Only 24 will be made, all custom upon order, for €14,950 each. That includes custom geometry and your choice of cockpit specs to fit you. Details on their website here.

Now, about ARES Modena…because I’m a car geek, too. They’re a boutique firm that’s designed some amazing vehicles and builds. Have a look:

ares modena blacked out custom land rover defender concept SUV

Custom Land Rover Defender SUV.

ares modena S1 hypercar concept shown from rear

The S1 hypercar concept.

ares modena S1 speedster convertible hypercar concept shown from top

And the S1 Speedster convertible hypercar concept.

ares modena bullet for BMW R Ninet custom concept motorcycle

Bullet for BMW R Ninet custom concept motorcycle.

ares modena scrambler for BMW R Ninet custom concept motorcycle

Scrambler for BMW R Ninet custom concept motorcycle.

candy apple red ares modena Pantera remake concept car shown from front left corner

And my personal favorite is this Legends Reborn concept. Those of a certain age will appreciate this modern take on the Pantera. It’s a V10 with zero-to-sixty in just 3.1 seconds. Now, where to put that bike rack?

Check out more at AresDesign.com.


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