July 21, 2024

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6 Ways to Reduce Downtime with Preventive Maintenance Software

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Downtime refers to the time during which the machine is out of action or is unavailable for function. In such situations, the employee productivity goes abysmally low. When downtime occurs, it dramatically impacts the company as there is not productive activity happening but yet consumes valuable productive hours. A fleet preventive maintenance software ensures to make the most of the precious time. This feature avoids downtime while saving a lot on the operations.

There are many ways of securing efficient production; one of them is the adoption of fleet preventive maintenance software. This software analyses the vehicle while it also understands its needs and requirements. It helps to timely schedule the maintenance of the cabs, cars, or trucks. It also notifies the operator well in advance if there is a need for replacement or service.

Here are a few other ways to reduce downtime with preventive maintenance software.

1 – Plan a better Preventive Maintenance

He/she can plan their preventive maintenance with the help of the data through the fleet preventive maintenance software. It helps in planning for better preventive maintenance and prevent any types of failure and deal with the downtime.

This feature will also aid the customer in keeping track of their asset failure and order parts in time from the vendors. With this benefit, the fleet owner can avoid the unplanned downtime and the sudden breakdowns on the roadside.

2 – Ensure a proper workflow

Maintaining the software makes sure that the right technician gets the right task to do for the day. With such clarity, the entire workforce is aware of the responsibilities to be carried out. This benefit also avoids any conflict of work or overutilization of the resource.

3 – Identify and Address the Issues at the earliest

Adequate preparation is a solution to any problem. Since precaution is better than cure, it is best to keep a regular tab on the performance of the vehicle. He/she mustn’t avoid its periodic maintenance and correct any issues well before it escalates to a significant problem. Doing so will help from any problem from aggravating.

4 – Back-up planning

Machinery can break down at an unexpected hour. It is advisable to have a back-up plan to reduce and control the damage. The fleet preventive maintenance software helps the operator to know when the vehicle needs its next servicing or replacement. This diligence assists in preparing in advance and arranging for the necessary resources required for servicing.

5 – Take Advantage of Planned Downtime

It is the best time to do a complete inspection of the vehicle to maintain up-to-date records to avoid roadside breakdowns. Being prepared or forecasting repairs will allow him/her plan a downtime in advance and save them from the towing fees. It is best to avoid unplanned downtime and strategize for preventive maintenance, whenever possible.

6 – Upscale the Employee’s Skills

The staff who is highly equipped and trained can handle any complicated situation. It is essential to ensure the training of the team to get good results and efficiency at work. This training is mandatory because with changing technology, it has become necessary that the employees are up-to-date about the job knowledge. Such planning and preparedness will help them to diagnose and address the issues smartly and effectively.


The fleet preventive maintenance software provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions is computerized automated software that helps both the operator and the technician. It helps the operator by keeping a tab on maintaining the health of the vehicle and the technician to analyze the problem of the car or truck and address it in the right manner. It also helps to avoid delaying maintenance to maintain optimum fleet health.