June 13, 2024

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48-Cylinder Kawasaki Motorcycle Weighs Over 1300 Pounds


Motorcycles generally activity more compact engines of 4 cylinders or much less. Much larger engines are heavier and compromise managing, and there are limits to how a lot ability is handy on two wheels in any case. Each so normally, however, somebody goes out and builds a V8 or V12 motorbike as a bit of a snicker. If you want the globe history nevertheless, you will have to ideal Simon Whitelock’s hard work, as seen on YouTube in the sort of a 48-cylinder Kawasaki.

Named Tinker Toy, the bicycle spawned from Whitelock’s enjoy of Kawasaki Triples, the powerful two-stroke bikes common in the late 60s and early 70s. The motor is composed of six banking institutions of 8 cylinders, assembled from Kawasaki KH250 engines. All up, it sporting activities a total capability of 4200 cc, or 256 cubic inches.

Assembling this kind of an motor is no signify feat. Custom fabrication was needed all more than the bicycle, for everything from engine internals to less difficult issues like the 6-way throttle splitter which runs a line to every single carburetor.

Tinker Toy wasn’t Whitelock’s very first create, though. He worked his way up to it after setting up with a four-cylinder develop, before also experimenting with a 9-cylinder “triple-triple” and an inline-7 style.

“It is not made for speed, it’s not actually manufactured for energy, it was manufactured to get in the Guinness Ebook of Information,” said Whitelock. The establish did in fact dwell up to Whitelock’s hopes, with the Guiness environment record for “Car engine with the most cylinders” standing proudly in his name.

The big engine has a handmade exhaust process. The headers ended up crafted in sections they’re so lengthy that they would in any other case warp through the welding approach. You will find a 24-into-1 method on every single aspect, ending in a normal 4-stroke muffler can. The authentic KH250 tank with an excess part welded in is essentially just a dummy protect for ignition components and electronics. The gasoline tank is buried deep in the bowels of the motor at the bottom of the bike.

To kick about the monster motor, a smaller 125cc “donkey engine” from a scooter is utilised as a starter, right after a 50 cc engine proved incapable of the career. A smaller auto alternator is applied to provide power, although a BMW K100 gearbox handles drive to the rear wheel. Honda Goldwing brakes, calipers, and forks consider treatment of points up front. with an extra spring to get the pounds. The reinforcement is definitely justified presented the bike’s full pounds of all-around 600 kg, or all around 1300 lbs.

The mighty motorcycle has a compromised using situation that forces Whitelock to stretch and lean forward, but it’s not truly a cruiser anyway. Nevertheless, we would enjoy to see Tinker Toy cruising around British country roadways, most likely with the support of a new seat and some lengthier handlebars to boot.

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