September 25, 2023

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2022 ferrari daytona sp3


The Ferrari Daytona SP3 not only takes its design cues from the iconic endurance racers of the 1960s, it also features throwback elements such as a naturally aspirated V-12 engine and hydraulically assisted steering.

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The mid-engine Ferrari Daytona SP3 is derived from the LaFerrari but has unique bodywork and structural changes underneath.

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One element specific to the Daytona SP3 is the wraparound windshield, a feature found also in the racers that inspired this car.

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Unlike most modern Ferraris, the Daytona SP3 does without wings or active aero elements. Instead, bulging air intakes and flowing shapes manage airflow around the body.

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At the rear, horizontal body-color bars mask a full-width vent that extracts heat from the engine.

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The butterfly doors look dramatic, but graceful ingress and egress is not easy.

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Inside, the seat and seatback are fixed in one of three positions, and the pedal box is adjustable.

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The mid-mounted 6.5-liter V-12 is naturally aspirated and revs to 9500 rpm.

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Output from the V-12 is 829 horsepower, just eclipsing that of the 812 Competizione.

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Ferrari is making just 599 examples of the Daytona SP3.

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Daytona SP3 buyers are among the brand’s most loyal clients and have been invited to purchase the car by Ferrari.

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