July 20, 2024

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Top Ten Reasons For No-Start Vehicles

The top ten reasons that I see vehicles coming to Ace Automotive for no start problems

  1. Electric fuel pump failure /fuel filter restriction
  2. One of the most common no-start problems I have seen in recent times is the failure of in-tank electric fuel pumps, primarily due to lack of proper scheduled maintain on the vehicle owners part of not having the fuel filter changed at the proper intervals, sure some fuel filters can cost approx. $100.00 and up to replace several times a year but in some vehicles such as late 90s Jeep Gran Cherokees replacing the fuel pump costs nearly $800.00! How many times do you want to pay that? Also another cause for premature fuel pump failure is allowing the fuel level to get to below ΒΌ tank and below for extended periods or running completely out of fuel running out of fuel allows the electric fuel pump to run “dry” which nearly immediately ruins the pump. Vortec Design GM engines 4.3L, 5.7L with the CPI fuel injection system the CPI unit fails in many different ways; the plastic tubes leak, the “poppets get plugged, the fuel pressure regulator leaks.

  3. Timing Belt Failure / Timing belt tensioner failure
  4. Timing belts are designed to last approx. 40,000-60,000 miles under normal use not changing the timing belt before it “breaks” can result in expensive engine damage in some vehicles, such as Honda, Acura, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. Always have the timing belt changed a little before the recommended change interval and check the tensioner replace if questionable. Timing belt tensioner failure is common.

  5. Distributor Failure / Including Ignition control modules
  6. Mid 80s Gm 4 cyl. V-6s Most all GMs with Electronic distributor 4, cylinder, V-6, V-8 1988-1998) 80s / 90s Ford TFI ignition (grey module bolted to outside of distributor) Ford Pick-up assemblies inside the distributor I have seen many distributor failures on Hondas especially due to bearing failure.

  7. ECM/ PCM Failure (computer)
  8. Primarily on mid 80s GM products with 2.8L engines and “W” in the 8th position of the VIN #
  9. Alternators
  10. Most problem alternator I have seen is the CS130 /CS130D on some mid 80s GMs for the CS130 and on later GMs the CS130D on like 92 and later makes like Gran Am, Gran Prix, etc.

  11. Crank / Cam Sensors
  12. Late model 92-93 Chrysler vehicles with 3.3L engine Caravan, Voyager, Mid 80s GMs 2.0L crank sensors 2.5 L crank sensors Mid 80s- early 90s GM V-6s crank sensors 90s Jeeps 4.0L engines cam/ crank sensors Mitsubishi Galant 4 cyl engines crank sensors (failure due to balance belt failure and broken belt cuts sensor wires and damages sensor)

  13. Batteries/ Cables /Clamps
  14. Many neglected corroded Batteries find their way to our facility; Batteries do not last forever! Poor Maintenance practices cause many many battery failures which often leads to other problems.

  15. Electrical Problems
  16. Ford ignition switches, in escorts in the early 90s the electrical portion of the ignition switch will separate inside, some ford ignition switches have been known to cause fires!

  17. Miscellaneous

Vehicles out of fuel due to inaccurate fuel gauges

Engines locked up due to lack of oil

Plugged Exhaust systems (catalytic converters

Teeth missing or worn off the flywheel cannot turn the engine over

Bad fuel injectors

But I have NEVER seen or heard of a car not starting or running bad due to the brand of gasoline being used!

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Owner, Technician Ace Automotive

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