April 23, 2024

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The Town Hinckley-Leicestershire

Hinckley – Leicestershire, is a vibrant city located in south-west Leicestershire, England, conveniently near the M69. The town’s central location and strong connections to the UK motorway, have made it a popular place for distribution warehouses.

About Hinkley

The name Hinckley was named for the woodland clearing of a man called Hynca. For many years Hinckley was known to the people who live there as “Tin ‘At” or tin hat. As the story goes, Along time ago, one of the sheep herders bragged that he could drink a hat-full of beer. The resident landlord asked the blacksmith to cast a tin hat and filled it with beer, challenging the man. Afterward, the town was known to its residents as “Tin ‘At”. Today a tin hat is seen on top of the flag pole that sits on the roof of the building society.

Hinckley has a history of engineering. In 1835 Joseph Hansom built the first Hansom Cab, (a horse drawn carriage) originally known as the Hansom safety cab there. Hinkley is also where one of the eldest family-owned Ford Dealers in the UK.

The largest surviving British motorcycle manufacturer, the Triumph Motorcycle company is located in Hinckley as well.

Things To Do

The Ashby Canal is the longest contour canal in England, and it passes right through Hinckley.

Mallory Park is a motor racing circuit, and is one of the leading racing circuits in the UK. It is very well known among motocross riders and visitors, it has many features designed to enhance motocross racing. There are many off-track facilities also, with provision made for spares for riders.

Bosworth Battle Field, is a unique family roll play park that re-live the famous turning point in British history, the death of a King and the birth of the all-powerful Tudor dynasty.

Tropical Bird Gardens is a beautiful tropical bird garden with over 70 species of tropical birds.