July 23, 2024

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The History of the Suzuki AN 250 Motorcycle

Launched in 1998, the Suzuki AN 250 and AN 400 scooters started off the famous Burgman series of super-scooters. Fitted with a large 250cc engine and designed for comfort and convenience, these large scooters were immediately popular with urban commuters. The Suzuki AN 250 could handle itself in almost any riding conditions, including taking on motorways and weekend cruising.

At the heart of the scooter, a single-cylinder four-stroke engine pumped out a good 23 hp at 7000 rpm. Paired with automatic transmission, this made the Suzuki AN 250 an easy to ride scooter with a lot of performance. Top speeds crossed 150 mph, while commuters could easily cruise on motorways at 100+ mph. The AN 250 weighed around 166 kgs, giving it a solid presence on the road. However, smaller riders found it a little difficult to pull all this weight back onto the main stand.

The design of the scooter was based on comfort, with a posh seat that featured separate backrests for the rider and pillion. A roomy storage area under the seat could handle more than just a helmet, while the front dashboard was near car-sized. Little cubbuholes took care of the mobile or toll booth change. Controls on the Suzuki AN 250 were simple as in any other automatic scooter, with just one throttle and brakes. A recessed instrument panel gave riders a complete picture of what the scooter was doing. Overall, the AN 250 provided a comfortable, stable riding experience, with plenty of acceleration for fun or overtaking.

If you are looking for a good deal on a used Suzuki AN 250, you may run into some confusion with the model designation. While the original model stopped production in 2002, Suzuki then re-introduced the AN 250 with some major changes. This “new” scooter has a higher sales price in the used vehicle market. One way to ensure you are looking at an original production AN 250 is to look at the engine specs; post-2002 models come with a fuel-injected engine.

Owning a Suzuki AN 250 from the 1998-02 production makes a lot of sense if you need an inexpensive, trusted ride that won’t gulp too much petrol. The simple four-stroke engine is easy to maintain, with a long working life. It still is a safe, sensible scooter that can turn into a scorcher when needed. An expert parts dealer can help you located genuine spare parts, restoring your own Suzuki AN 250 to complete road-worthiness.