July 22, 2024

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The History of the Honda CD250 Motorcycle

The Honda CD250 was first launched in 1988 by Honda. This motorcycle was one of a kind for its petrol consumption (65mpg) and its tank range (185 miles). When you incorporate those numbers with the Honda CD250 petrol capacity (10 litres) some people may describe it a miracle on both the cost of petrol and the length before the need of a pit stop. The Honda CD250 is a small but fast bike that can serve many bikers needs.

When the Honda CD250 was first introduced it started its life with another idea and can first find its start in the early 1970’s. Though the power and torque is not as to-notch as others, it still rumbles on without a hitch. Only when you top out at high speed (80 mph) will it start to show its weakness. Keeping your Honda CD250 under its limits will help your motorcycle maintain a long life and an almost maintenance free experience as well. When you jump on one of these rebel models your experience of riding will change in a matter of no time.

The Honda CD250 has a single front disc break and a rear drum as well. This Honda modeled motorcycle also has a two in two exhaust that helps provide a reasonably high level of both torque and handling. The engine that this machine is stoked with is an air cooled 233cc four stroke 180 parallel twin. The cylinders equipped provide an incline of 15 degrees and a useful chain driven overhead cam. These added features helped present the CD250 in a whole new light and many collectors are still proud to be the owners of such a rare masterpiece.

When the CD250 was released there was no tachometer placed within the instrumentation. Instead a speedometer and a lighting system are introduced that can help indicate when the high beams are being used. Around the speedometer there are gear change ratios that help indicate the gear change speed ranges. Along with all these features is two provided seats that allow both the driver and passenger to sit in comfort.

Depending on a few factors such as wind speeds, conditions and luggage, the CD250 can top out at 80 miles. Though breezing through the wind at such a speed can be the cause of some motorcycle malfunctions and it can even make possibility of an accident greater. Did you know that this exact model as actually used in the 1990’s by many police units? The Honda CD250 motorcycles were both quick and good on petrol mileage giving police forces an all around useful experience while trying to save the innocent and catch the bad guys.

There were a couple later models that came about after the Honda CD250 stopped production. The class of these motorcycles were sports, and the engine that was provided was astonishing. These models were respectively named the Honda CM250 and the CB “Two Fifty” (also known as the “nighthawk” in the US). Driving on the motorway with a Honda CD250 will both bring wonderful mileage and an extraordinary experience as well.