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Mega Swampert Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Weakness & Counters

Mega Swampert Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Weakness & Counters

In the vibrant world of Pokémon GO, the arrival of Mega Swampert has trainers buzzing with excitement. This formidable Pokémon, with its imposing stature and powerful abilities, presents a thrilling challenge for even the most seasoned players. To conquer this mighty opponent, a well-thought-out strategy is essential. Here is your ultimate Mega Swampert Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Weakness & Counters, designed to equip you with all the knowledge you need for victory.

Understanding Mega Swampert

Mega Swampert is the Mega Evolved form of Swampert, the final evolution of Mudkip, the lovable Water-type starter from the Hoenn region. Upon Mega Evolving, Swampert transforms into a Water/Ground-type behemoth, boasting incredible stats that make it a force to be reckoned with in raids.

Weaknesses of Mega Swampert

Knowing the weaknesses of Mega Swampert is crucial for assembling an effective team. As a Water/Ground-type Pokémon, Mega Swampert is particularly vulnerable to Grass-type moves. This dual-typing grants it resistance to Electric attacks but makes it four times weak to Grass moves. Therefore, exploiting this glaring weakness will significantly boost your chances of success.

Best Counters for Mega Swampert

To take down Mega Swampert, you’ll want to utilize Pokémon with strong Grass-type moves. Here are some of the best counters to bring into battle:

1. Roserade

Roserade, with its high Attack stat and access to powerful Grass-type moves, is a top-tier counter against Mega Swampert. Moves like Razor Leaf and Grass Knot will deal substantial damage, capitalizing on Swampert’s weakness.

2. Sceptile

Sceptile, particularly its Mega Evolved form, is another excellent choice. With moves like Bullet Seed and Frenzy Plant, Sceptile can deliver swift and decisive blows to Mega Swampert. Its speed and offensive prowess make it a valuable asset in your raid team.

3. Venusaur

Venusaur, especially its Mega form, remains a perennial favorite for Grass-type counters. Vine Whip and Solar Beam or Frenzy Plant will exploit Mega Swampert’s weaknesses effectively. Mega Venusaur’s bulk also helps it survive longer in battle.

4. Tangrowth

Tangrowth is a solid choice due to its impressive bulk and strong Grass-type moves like Vine Whip and Power Whip. Its durability allows it to withstand Mega Swampert’s attacks while dishing out consistent damage.

5. Exeggutor (Alolan Form)

Alolan Exeggutor, with its unique Dragon/Grass typing, can effectively utilize moves like Bullet Seed and Solar Beam. Its typing provides resistance to Water moves, giving it added staying power against Mega Swampert.

Strategy for the Raid Battle

When preparing for a raid against Mega Swampert, it’s important to not only consider the individual strength of your Pokémon but also how they function as a cohesive unit. Here are some strategic tips:

  1. Diverse Team Composition: While Grass-type Pokémon are the primary counters, having a few backup options with complementary types can help if Mega Swampert has unexpected moves.
  2. Dodging: Practice dodging Mega Swampert’s charged moves. This will help your Pokémon survive longer, allowing them to deal more damage over the course of the battle.
  3. Weather Boosts: Pay attention to the weather conditions in-game. Sunny weather boosts Grass-type moves, making your counters even more powerful. Conversely, be cautious if it’s raining, as this boosts Mega Swampert’s Water-type moves.
  4. Mega Evolution: Use your own Mega Evolutions to boost the effectiveness of your team. Mega Venusaur or Mega Sceptile can significantly enhance your Grass-type offensive capabilities.
  5. Community Coordination: Raids are more manageable with the support of fellow trainers. Coordinate with your local Pokémon GO community to gather a robust raid team, increasing your chances of success.

Movesets to Watch Out For

Mega Swampert can have a variety of moves, making it versatile in battle. Here are some moves you should be prepared for:

  • Mud Shot (Fast Move): A quick Ground-type move that charges energy rapidly.
  • Water Gun (Fast Move): A fast Water-type move that deals consistent damage.
  • Hydro Cannon (Charged Move): A powerful Water-type move that can deal significant damage.
  • Earthquake (Charged Move): A strong Ground-type move that can take out Grass-type counters if not dodged.
  • Sludge Wave (Charged Move): A Poison-type move that can surprise Grass-types, dealing super effective damage.

Post-Raid Rewards

Successfully defeating Mega Swampert in a raid rewards you with Mega Energy, allowing you to Mega Evolve your own Swampert. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to catch a regular Swampert with the possibility of strong IVs or even being shiny. These rewards make the challenging raid battle worthwhile.


In conclusion, taking down Mega Swampert requires preparation, knowledge, and strategic execution. By exploiting its weaknesses and utilizing the best counters, you can emerge victorious. Remember to assemble a diverse team, coordinate with fellow trainers, and practice dodging to maximize your chances of success. With this comprehensive Mega Swampert Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Weakness & Counters, you’re now equipped to tackle this formidable raid boss head-on. Happy raiding, trainers!