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Honest John Creepy Video Review Unearthed on The Dark Web


By Chris Ward, June 10, 2022


Genuine John, which was once debatable on so numerous amounts, and likely however is, was owned and fronted by Mr. Truthful John. The web site went into administration a several several years only to be rescued by Heycar who remodeled the business design from useless customer car tips to a made use of car or truck shopping for and marketing platform.

According to several studies, the Genuine John internet site captivated 20 million people per 12 months and experienced 400,000 registered people and extra than 70,000 publication subscribers. Nonetheless it went into administration after struggling with considerable income stream issues. One presumes the money flowed into a singular lender account and never flowed out once again.

Mr. John was the founder and deal with of the Sincere John web page, which was debatable on so lots of stages. Mr. John also fronted the company’s YouTube channel with vehicle testimonials. Mr. John’s design of presentation and enhancing abilities is so horrific it’s pure comedy and creepy at the exact time.

When Heycar obtained the Genuine John web page they sought to instantly clear away Mr. John’s existence from the web-site and deleted his pitiful YouTube back again catalog. It was a digital slaughtering. Thankfully a tiny band of YouTuber’s saved a couple of Mr. John’s creepy movie assessments as a warning for foreseeable future generations.

Honest John horror video review


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